Do Veer and Krishna planning against Radhey?Find Out: Krishna Chali London

Star Plus show Krishna Chali London to witness high voltage twist with Radhey getting Kidnaped.

As reported earlier, Krishna started believing in impostor Radhey. Radhey proposes Krishna in front of all. Krishna recalls Veer’s words n goes from there. There, Radhey burned his and Kusum pic. Radhey recalls Kusum’s word and shuts the door in anger. Otherside, Krishna is confused over her feelings and at the same time Shukala family gets Radhey’s baraat at her doorstep. Krishna gets stunned seeing the Baraat. Everyone dances on Naagin beat. Krishna shouts at them and ask to stop this drama. Shukala says Radhey is back, you both love each other than what’s the harm to restart everything all over again.

Krishna tries to make them understand that in these five years many things got changed. She has totally moved on. Radhey says he has always won Krishna with love and this time to instead of forcing he will win her with love again. Shuklain asks Shukala to control Krishna.

Moving ahead, Radhey will come to meet unknown person at night and will get money from that unknown person. He says to someone that it’s all going smooth, just three days and Krishna Sahay will become Krishna Shukala soon.

Here, Veer will make a promise to Dubey. Later, Shulka will accused Veer of kidnapping Radhe with Krishna’s help, listening to this Veer will lose his temper and will assault Shukla.

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For those who don’t know yet! Show Krishna Chali London to end soon in the coming days. Dipika Kakkar and Karan V. Grover starrer show Kahan Hum Kahan Tum, to soon take over 9pm slot on Star Plus.

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