Dolly doubt on Meher | Read to know WHY? : Choti Sardarni

Colors TV Choti Sardarni is fetching good TRP and is extremely winning the hearts with its story line.

Last we reported, Meher’s child heart beat decreases and doctor’s informs the Sarabjeet about the same. Sarab worries for Meher and Meher pleads to doctor to save her child. There, Param prays to God to heal Meher. Meher’s child heartbeat gets stable and she is out of danger. Doctor asks Sarabjeet to take care of Meher, as she is still very weak.

Otherside, Dolly sees Sarab and Meher from far and goes behind to truth out the truth. She calls Kulwant too. Kulwant comes to hospital and scares thinking Meher’s truth will be caught. Later, Kulwant will see Sarab and Meher in the car.

Now in the upcoming episode will see, Sarabjeet will take care of Meher. Afterwards, Meher visited hospital news will be published in the newspaper.

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छोटी सरदारनी :- मेहर पर डॉली को शक | जानने के लिए पढ़ें क्यों हुआ शक?

Doctor will ask Meher to have a complete bed rest. Sarabjeet will take care of Meher. Sarabjeet will take Meher out on wheelchair. Meher will say she is feeling like a patient. Sarab will say she is patient only.

Ahead, newspaper will read that Meher is not well. Meher will confront Sarab and will ask why anything happens in his family becomes news.

How dolly will react reading the news? Do you think Dolly will learn about Meher’s pregnancy truth? And what Sarab will do next to hide Meher’s pregnancy, will be interesting to watch. For all the answers keep watching the, Choti Sardarni, mon-fri on Colors TV.

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