Dolly throws Meher out from Sabarjeet’s life: Choti Sardarni

High voltage drama ahead in Choti Sardarni. Sabarb will give blank check to Meher and will ask her to withdraw more money.

In the show so far, Sarabjeet tries to find what Meher is hiding from him and giving money to her brother and other. He tries to confront Meher but Meher lies to Sarab each time. Sarab’s doubts on Meher increases more.

There, Amrita asks Jagga fight each other. Amrita asks Jagga why he never goes against Kulwant when he knows she is wrong. Jagga says Kulwant is always right. Amrita again tries to make Jagga to understand that Kulwant is going to ruin Bittu’s life same like Meher by making him marry Pinky. Jagga gets angry on Amrita and ask her to mind her own business.

Other side, Sarab’s PA proves to the officers that the tax amount is already paid. Officer leaves Sarab and Sarab ask them not to interrogate Meher. Officer tells to Sarab that they already interrogated Meher and since she didn’t cooperated they will call her back again.

Now in the upcoming episode will see, Sarabjeet will accuse Meher for withdrawing the money and hiding the truth.

Sarabjeet will make a startling revelation about the Meher and the huge amount of money that she withdrew from the bank. Following this, Dolly will ask Meher to get out from the house.

Do Meher will be able to prove her innocence? Do Sarabjeet will believe Meher and will help her? Well, time will only tell. Keep watching Choti Sardarni, mon-fri on Colors TV

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