Doree 10th June 2024 Written Update: Rukmani shakes hands with Neelu

Doree 10th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts Neelu asking Doree to call her as mom. Mansi checks the certificates. Neelu recalls the way she demanded Rukmani to give the Takurian surname to her baby. Rukmani assures her. She asks Neelu to adopt Doree. Only married couple can adopt Doree. Neelu says that she is ready to marry him. Rukmani asks her to marry Chakram. Neelu denied it. Rukmani says that she is demanding something big from her. She will create a fake documents of her marriage. Neelu recalls the way she beaten Chakram to made him agree to it. Rukmani says to Anand that Doree has everything on her name. She shouldn’t leave from their custody. Doree thinks that she tried to go far from Ganga Prasad to protect him. But Rukmani trapped her in her plan. Ganga comes there searching for Doree. The security stops him. Pavithra says that they hates Doree then why should they adopt her?

Ganga says to Pavithra that he is aware that his Doree is in this house. He wanted to meet her. The security stops him. He shouts Doree’s name. Doree hears his voice. She is stubborn to go near her baba. Neelu stops her. Doree bites her hand and runs from there. Neelu stops her by closing her mouth. Mansi asks her to leave her. Anand close her mouth. Rukmani says to Ganga that Doree isn’t here. Ganga says that he learnt that Doree is adopted to this house. He can’t live without Doree. He pleads with her to send Doree back to him. Rukmani says that Doree is a dirty blood so she won’t accept her or allow her to stay in this haveli. Ganga says that Rukmani’s blood is dirty. He isn’t Doree’s blood but he raised her with lots of love. She isn’t a dirty blood. Rukmani threatens to kill him. Rukmani goes inside the house. She demands everyone to hide from others that Doree is here. Mansi pleads with her to send Doree back to her baba. She can’t live without Ganga.

Rukmani demands her to shut up. She shouldn’t reveal it to anyone or else she has to take the responsibility of Doree’s death. Mansi asks her not to commit another mistake. She shouldn’t separate Doree from her baba. What will she get from separating a child from her baba. Rukmani threatens them to hide this truth. Komal says that she is a trouble. Rukmani says that she is a big burden to her. Rukmani drags Doree inside the house. Rukmani’s photo starts burn there. Kailash Devi sharing Ramayan story to Flora. She says that Hanuman burnt the Langa. Mansi says to Rukmani that she committed many sins. One day her sins will burn her. Kailash Devi says to Flora that she is sleeping like her father. Doree left Ganga to protect him. At least Flora will get her father’s love now. Ganga asks his mom. If she is aware of it. Later, Doree is locked in a dark room. Rukmani reveals to her that she planned everything including Neelu’s fake wedding certificate. Doree asks her what will she get by separating her from baba. Rukmani says that she will get the answer for it asap. Later, Mansi gives Doree’s blood samples to find the DNA test.

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