Doree 11th June 2024 Written Update: Doree escaped from Rukmani’s custody

Doree 11th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ganga lashing out at Kailashi Devi for hide the truth from him. He complaints that she is aware that Doree is going to leave him. She didn’t stop her. Doesn’t she know that he can’t live without her. Kailashi Devi says that she is a mom. She broke her relationship with her family for Ganga. He is ready to sacrifice his life for Doree. She can’t see him dying. Ganga says that her relationship with him over today. She lost her son like the way he lost his Doree. Pavithra thinks that Doree may be struggling alone without her baba. Meanwhile, Doree gets the hallucinations. She thinks that they planned and separate her from Baba. Doree prays god to save her. The window breaks down. She noticed the blue bird flying around there. She recalls the way Mata Rani advises to her. Doree thinks that she ran away from the problem always. She won’t run away anymore. She will fight back with them. This time truth will win. She tried to climb on the window but she couldn’t. She thinks that whatever happens she has to fight for her baba. She can’t give up. Doree tries to unlock the window.

Chakram and Komal are cooking in the kitchen. Sudha asks her about Mansi. Komal complaints that Mansi doesn’t care about her children. Today is Ansh and her daughter Annaprashan. Vansh function went well. Chakram says that she went to mussoorie on that time. Sudha takes the doll in her hand and says that she will do her annaprashan asap. Rukmani says to Ansh that she will to Annaprashan to him with her hand. She thinks that she will kill this girl baby with her own hand. Then she will get everything back on her name. Solar shringar and her money. She will kill this granddaughter of her who born in this family to ruin her life. Rukmani takes the baby from there. Later, Chakram gives the food to Neelu. He asks her to give this food to Doree. She is starving. Neelu says that he is taking advantage on her like her husband. Mansi hears it and thinks that she was trying to save Doree since yesterday. Its the right time to save her. Doree motivates herself to open the window asap.

Mansi follows Neelu and finds out the dungeon. Doree hears the sound of someone foot steps. She escaped from through the window. Neelu is shocked to see Doree is missing there. Mansi comes there and calls Doree. She says that she don’t need to be scared of anyone. She is here. Neelu asks her what’s she doing here. Mansi twisted her hands behind her. Doree threatens her. She asks her where is Doree. What is Rukmani’s plan? Neelu says that she loves money. She will do anything for money. Neelu says that Doree fly from there. Mansi feels relieved. Neelu thought to inform Rukmani about it. Mansi pushed her down. Doree wishes to meet her baba first. She noticed Rukmani going out with the baby. Doree hides inside the car. She thinks what’s she gonna do with this baby. Mansi tied Neelu inside the dungeon. She can’t allow her to trap Doree once again. She will inform Rukmani that Doree escaped from her custody. Mansi gets a phone call from the doctor. She asks him if her DNA matching with Doree. If she her daughter. Anand hears it. He thinks that mom will kill him if she finds out the truth. He has to stop her. Meanwhile, Doree noticed Rukmani placed the baby girl in chita. She says that she was still alive because of that Doree. She is a vinash of her. She can’t allow her to ruin her life. She is about to burn her. Doree stops her.

Episode end.

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