Doree 13th March 2024 Written Update: Rukmani plots against Ganga Prasad

Doree 13th March 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Doree locking Ganga Prasad inside the room. He asks her to open the door. She tells him that it’s her lakshmana Rekha for him. He shouldn’t come out of this room. Meanwhile, Rukmani creates a fake story in front of Sudha. She says that she won’t snatch her son’s happiness. He is thinking her as a bad person. Sudha assures her that she will stay in ashram. She asks her how will she handle Yash? Sudha says that she will lie to him that she is going to stay in her maternal house. She says that she is a good person. She thinks that if Sudha goes to that Ashram they will find out whether she is carrying a son or a daughter? Meanwhile, Doree noticed Nani in the market. She tells her that Ganga Prasad is adamant to attend the function in Rukmani’s showroom. If he go there then she will snatch him from her again. Nani says that she wanted to inform her something important. Ganga Prasad is Thakurian’s blood. She shares the past with her. Doree is shocked to hear it.

Yash and Sudha takes Rukmani’s blessing. She says that they gave a happy news to her. Sudha takes Yash permission to stay in a ashram. Rukmani says that driver will drop her there. Yash says that he can’t believe that she is changed. She doesn’t care about a boy or girl child anymore. Even Ganga Prasad is alive. He said to her that she saved his life. Rukmani says that she did everything for her family. She thinks that she won’t change at all. Meanwhile, Nani says to Doree that Ganga Prasad is Thakurian’s blood. She doesn’t know how he is connected to them. She shares with her how did Komal informed her about the towel. Doree recalls the way Kailashi Devi narrates her past with her. She tells her that she find out the truth. Why she is trying to kill Ganga Prasad. Kailashi Devi is Ganga Prasad’s real mom. Rukmani stole her identity and living in that house. Both Rukmani and Kailashi are twins. She may be find out the truth. That is why she is trying to kill him. She wanted to save him. Neelu visits Anand’s house. Anand asks her if she get the results? She tells him that the result is negative. He isn’t his brother. Today is the fashion show.

Rukmani invited her to be a model in this fashion show. She leaves from there. Anand thinks that DNA test results won’t come faster like this. She is lying to him. He thinks that he doesn’t know why is mom giving so much importance to Ganga Prasad. They have some relationship with each other. Meanwhile, Rukmani fix the bomb in the model. She thinks that no one can’t find her plan. She thinks that Ganga Prasad going to die here. Mahendra asks her what was her plan? She tells him that he wasn’t happy when she tried to kill him. He isn’t happy to see her invited him for this show. She makes fun of his state. Mahendra says that she will pay for her deeds. Meanwhile, Doree says to Nani that she might reveal the truth to Ganga Prasad and save him. They are shocked to see the door is open. Ganga Prasad isn’t there. Meanwhile, Ganga Prasad reached to the haveli. Maya broke the door for him. She thinks that he is the key to bring her to Thakurian’s house. Doree says to Nani that she is going to the haveli to save dad.

Rukmani welcomes Ganga Prasad. Komal asks Raj why did his mom invited him as a special guest? She noticed Maya there and recognises her. She thinks why she is clinging to him. She thinks that she may has some reason behind it. Doree tried to go inside but the security stopped her.

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Precap: Rukmani plots against Ganga Prasad

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