Doree 14th February 2024 Written Update: Kailashi Devi reveals her truth to Doree

Doree 14th February 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mahendra writing about twins in the paper. Mansi didn’t understand anything. She asks him to write it again. Meanwhile, Komal says to Raj that mom is hiding something from them. She adds that mom wanted to punish Mansi. She wanted to see how she is going to punish her. Mahendar writes Kailashi Devi’s name in the paper. Anand calls Mansi. Raj and Anand welcomes Rukmani while dancing. Mansi thinks it seems Doree couldn’t prove her crime. Rukmani says to Mansi that she wanted to see this pain in her eyes. She is happy to see it. She is going to be punished for whatever she did to them. Anand asks Mansi to dance with him because his mom won in the case. Anand asks them not to stop the music until he stops it. He said to Mansi that Doree failed. She wanted to save her. Doree is not able to do anything. He is sharing his happiness with her. Mansi will get the prize for it.


Anand removes the bangles from Mansi’s hand. She is free from wearing this bangles. She is free from this relationship. He snatched the nuptial chain from her neck. He says that she don’t need to wear it for her husband. He rubs the Vermillion from her hairline. Sudha is shocked to see it. He asks Sudha not to interfere in his matter. It’s his decision. Now it’s her bidai time. She wanted it from her. Anand kicked Mansi out of the house. He insults her and strangle her neck. He says that he gave bidai to her when she is alive. She is died for him. He left her alive because she has to live in pain. She can’t meet her son. She can go with Doree. This is the punishment for taking a step against his mom. This door is closed for her forever. Meanwhile, the lawyer is explaining his side to Bhairavi and basti people. Bhairavi says that he didn’t shout like this in the court. The lawyer says that they got one witness but she refuses to show her face. Basti people says that he has to do it. The lawyer insults them. Janaki asks Bhairavi what will they do now? Prem asks her how will they fight against her?

Meanwhile, Kailashi Devi is hiding and crying alone. She regrets for not helping Doree. She thinks that Rukmani wins again. She can’t go back to her house and husband. Doree is searching for Kailashi Devi. She hears Doree’s sound and runs from there. Doree thinks why she is running? She runs behind her. Kailashi Devi falls down. Her face is reflecting in the mirror. Doree is shocked to see her face. She asks her if she is a bad Thakurian? Later, Kailashi Devi narrates to Doree what happened in her life. How did Rukmani snatched her life. She tried to kill her and baby. She says that her own sister snatched everything from her. It’s the truth of her. Doree says that she looks like her but she is a good person. She says that they looks alike that is why she took her place there. She saved Doree from her using that face. Kailash Devi says that she don’t have enough guts to fight with Rukmani. Kailashi Devi says that when Rukmani finds out that she is alive then she will kill her son too.

Doree says that her father isn’t with her. She doesn’t want to see her son getting hurt. Her father said that All the wrong people will be punished. Will Thakurian get punished. Doree asks Kailashi Devi to help her for one last time. Doree tells her that Rukmani will go to attend the puja. She can go inside the house using that situation. Kailash Devi assures her to help her.

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Ganga Prasad is back

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