Doree 18th March 2024 Written Update: Ganga Prasad fights with Anand

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The episode starts with Anand trying to kill Rukmani by pressing a pillow on her face. Ganga Prasad stops him. He chased him behind. Both ends up fighting with each other. Ganga Prasad is shocked to see Anand’s face. He says that he is her son. Meanwhile, Neelu apologized to Mansi. She tells her that she tried to snatch her husband from her but she is helping her. She showed mercy to her. Mansi says that she isn’t showing a mercy to her. She adds that Anand left Mansi for Neelu. He will leave her for someone else too. Mansi says to Komal that she is elder to her so she might obey to her. She asks Neelu to leave from there. Neelu wipes her fake tears. She thinks that Anand thought she is Mansi. She will get what she want at any cost? Ganga Prasad asks Anand why did he trying to kill his mom? Anand beats him. Ganga Prasad says that she gave birth to him but he is trying to kill her. Doesn’t he has a shame? Anand beats him. Ganga Prasad says that he wanted to save his family but he is beating him.

Anand tries to kick him. He holds his leg. Anand thinks that he doesn’t know he is the elder son of Mahendra. He won’t leave him when he learnt the truth. Meanwhile, Yash says to Doree that she can’t donate a blood to Rukmani reasoning she is a child. Doree refuses to listen it. The doctor says to her it’s risk to her life. Doree says that she has to save her life. Yash says that she is a good child. The doctor asks Yash to arrange the blood for her asap. The nurse informs them that Rukmani’s state is critical. Later, Neelu is crying in her room. She thinks that she won’t leave them if something happens to her baby. Maya comes there and consoles her. She adds fuel in the fire. Neelu says that she can deal everything alone. She says that she loved Anand a lot. She won’t leave him. She needs a chance to do it. Maya says that she won’t get a chance. She has to create a chance. Maya shares a plan with her.

Anand says to Ganga Prasad that she is her mom. Who he is to interfere in it. Ganga Prasad says that she saved his life. Ganga Prasad beats Anand back in a rage.
The nurse says to Doree that Rukmani’s life is in danger. She requests her to take her blood and save her. The nurse warns her that she will stop her when her health condition turns worst. Meanwhile, Maya says to Neelu that her baby will get Thakurian’s family name. She can take revenge to Anand. She likes her idea. Doree donates her blood to Rukmani. Ganga Prasad and Anand are fighting with each other. Mahendra notices it and thinks that both brother are fighting together. Nani meets Mansi and tells her that Doree has same blood with Rukmani. She is adamant to donate her blood to her. She isn’t listening to her. Mansi says that she can’t donate her blood. Komal says that they shared same blood it seems she is also related to this house. Mansi asks her to stop it.

Doree’s pulse is getting down. The doctor lashes out at the nurse. Raj informs everything to Mansi. Mansi prays for Doree. She dared to take this decision. Nothing should happen to her. Nani prays for her. Doree’s health condition get worsen.

Episode end

Ganga Prasad married to Neelu

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