Doree 1st June 2024 Written Update: Ganga Prasad lashes out at Rukmani

Doree 1st June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with the goons abducting Flora instead of Doree. Doree noticed it and follows them behind. Later, the goon informs Rukmani that he abducted Doree. He needs his money. Rukmani says that he will transfer the money to him. She thinks that Doree is in her hand now. It’s easy to transfer the money on her name. She is shocked to see Flora there. Ganga creates a problem in haveli. Rukmani asks them what’s going on here? Doree says that she saw the goons abducted Flora and took her to this haveli. Ganga asks her why she is hating them this much. She abducted Flora. Flora gained her consciousness. She hugs Pavithra and reveals to her that the goons abducted her. Ganga lashes out at Rukmani. He says that Doree saved her life today but she abducted his another daughter. Why she is troubling them like this. She is not allowing them to live. Anand says that he abducted her not his mom. Pavithra put agreement to work in this house. She took 6 months advance. She didn’t even stayed 6 days here. If he go to the jail then Pavithra willl also go to the jail for breaking the contract. Pavithra says to Ganga that she shouldn’t go to the jail in this time. Ganga feels bad for Flora. Pavithra signals to Rukmani.

Later, Ganga Prasad lays on the floor. Flora and Doree are beside him. He sings lullaby to them. Ganga worked whole night to stitch a saree order. Nani notices it and ask him what’s he doing? He says that he has to work overnight to give a better education to Doree. He will buy books for them in this money. He won’t allow anyone to separate his daughter from her. He completed the order. He prays to God that he might delivery this saree on time. He needs more order. Later, Doree and Flora wearing a uniform. Doree prays to god and says that today is her first day. Kailash Devi takes arathi to them. Pavithra hugs Flora. Doree feels disappointed. Pavithra noticed Ganga is staring her. She pretends like hugging Doree. Ganga gives the gift to both kids. Doree is surprised to see the gift crafted by Ganga for her. Flora makes faces. Ganga advises Doree to study well. She don’t need to worry about anything. It’s his duty to protect her.

Ganga gives books and pen to her. He says that it’s very powerful thing. He don’t get a chance to study but she got the chance. She tells him that he is her strength. He shouldn’t get seperate from her. He hugs her and says that he will stay with her always. Doree asks Flora why didn’t she open her gift. Flora says that mom already gifted her. Kailash Devi asks her to leave it. Ganga Prasad advises them to love each other. Pavithra asks them to study well. Flora thinks that she won’t allow her to study. Doree informs Janaki that she is going to the school. No one can separate her from Ganga. Flora makes faces. Later, Ganga is shocked to see the saree is torn. Rat ruined his hardwork. He fears to lose Doree. Meanwhile, children are making fun of Doree. Flora is enjoying the scene.

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