Doree 2nd June 2024 Written Update: Doree faces humiliation

Doree 2nd June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts Ganga thinking that he can’t deliver the saree on time. How will he protect Doree without money. Meanwhile, the students are making fun of Doree. Flora is happy to see it all. Flora recalls the way Rukmani met her in the temple. She scold her for not doing her work. She demanded her to stop Doree from attending the school. She threatens to reveal her secret to Ganga if she refuses to do it. Flora thinks that she won’t study here after this humiliation. Doree recalls her father’s advise. Doree asks the students why are they laughing at her? She says that her father created it by his hands. He wanted to keep her safe. She shares the importance of her things. She says that her father’s love is in it. He isn’t educated though he craved her name in this bag. The students are impressed with her father’s love for Doree. Two students shakes their hands with Doree and becomes her friend. Flora is frustrated. Doree thinks that baba will be happy to see her new friends. Later, Rukmani says to Anand that they wanted to meet them here. She hopes they will invest money in their business. We have to open this solar shringar again. Meanwhile, Ganga apologized to the vendor. He reveals the truth to them. They lashes out at Ganga and leaves. They refuses to listen to his explanation.

Ganga shares his grief with Nani. He says that he might earn money within evening or else they will separate Doree from him. Meanwhile, Anand consoles Rukmani. The business man meets Rukmani. He says that he is aware that they are facing lose. He wanted to help her. He is planning to demolish this solar shringar and build a restaurant for foreigners here. Rukmani scolds them. She says to Anand that she feels like everything is going out of her hand. Ganga is working hard and earning money little by little. He thinks that he needs 500 money more. He recalls Ankita’s advise. He thinks that he has to prove to everyone that he is loving his daughter a lot. He wanted to protect her. He prays god to show some way. He heard the announcement from the temple.

Ganga asks Govind what’s he announcing there? He narrates the rules to him. Ganga thinks that god showed a way to him. He will do this and win the prize amount 50k. He says that he will make Doree happy. No one can’t separate Doree from him. Doree enters into her class. Vansh thinks what’s she doing here? Flora comes there. Doree says that she was searching for her. She tries to sit beside Vansh. He said that he is Takurian. He will sit on this bench alone. Flora says to him that she knows to solve this puzzle. She exchanged the puzzle. He likes her presence of mind. She becomes a friend of Vansh. Doree gets upset. Ganga asks the staff to write his name on the list. Govind says to him it’s risk to do it. What if he gets hurt while doing it. Ganga says that Doree is his everything. If he fails to do it then Doree will go far from him. The staff alerts him that they are not responsible if something happens to him. Ganga says that he has to take this risk for Doree. He gave his name to them. Meanwhile, the teacher says that two new students joined here. Flora introduced herself in English. Students makes fun of Doree for talking in Hindi. Flora makes fun of Doree for not having a surname.

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