Doree 30th May 2024 Written Update: Flora cheated in the exam

Doree 30th May 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rukmani saying to Pavithra that she can stop Ganga Prasad and Doree. Tomorrow she might add sleeping pills in the curd and feed to Doree.
She can’t attend the exam tomorrow. She will sleep well. Pavithra nodded to her. Meanwhile, Yash teaching Alphabet and numbers to Doree. Doree is studying in over night. Flora thinks that she knew it all. She will pass in the exam not Doree. The next day, Kailashi Devi takes arathi to both children. Pavithra added sleeping pills in the curd. She feeds it to Doree. Flora thinks that it will bring bad luck to her. Flora refuses to eat it. Nani asks Doree to write her exam well. Later, Ganga takes Doree and Flora to the school. He asks them to write their exam well.
Doree takes permission from the principal to enter into her room. She gives permission to her. The principal says that she is allowing them to write the exam because of Bhairavi and Yash’s request. Doree and Flora starts their exam. The principal says that they have only 1 hour time. Flora forgets the answer. The teacher says to her no cheating.

Doree feels sleepy. Doree falls asleep there. Flora exchanged her exam sheet with Doree. Meanwhile, Ganga is working hard to give education to Doree. He thinks that he will work hard to keep Doree happy. Mansi notices Ganga Prasad is working hard. She asks him if he talked with Ankita? He says that he talked with her. She asked him to send Doree to the school. She says that it’s a happy news. Ganga thanked her for her help. He asks her if she put herself in danger to save Doree and him. Mansi says that she will do anything to protect him and Doree. Later, The principal is shocked to see Doree is sleeping. Prem asks Ganga to check his kids. Their exam is over. Meanwhile, Ganga asks the principal if his kids get admission in this school? If they passed in their exam? The principal complaints that she agreed to give admission to his daughter in the middle of the year. But his one daughter isn’t interested to study at all.

The principal complaints that Doree was sleeping in the exam. She didn’t write a single answer in her sheet. Doree says that she don’t know how did she slept. But she wrote half of the exam. The principal showed her exam sheet to him. Doree assures him that she wrote half of the exam. She slept in the last. Ganga says that Doree won’t lie to anyone. She may wrote her exam. The principal says that she isn’t interested to study. She is lying also. She will give admission to his another daughter. She won’t give admission to Doree. Later, Flora making fun of Doree. Doree again repeats the same thing. Ganga says that she may dreamt. She isn’t interested to study at all. Flora says that she will go to the school daily. Rukmani asks Ganga if his dream shattered again. Daughter is a bhoj.

Ganga says that she is behind everything. He doesn’t know what she will get by separating Doree from him. He will go any extreme for his daughter. He cursed Rukmani. He says that his curse will affect Rukmani. She feels pain in her heart and faint on the floor. Ganga Prasad and Doree are shocked to see it.

Episode end

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