Doree 31st May 2024 Written Update: Doree saved Rukmani’s life

Doree 31st May 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rukmani collapsing on the floor. Ganga leaves from there to call the ambulance. Doree thinks that she has to go do something to save her life. She patted on her hand. Vansh says that she was the reason for her state. Doree says that she was saving her life. Meanwhile, Komal leaves Ansh alone to bring milk for him. Sudha noticed the swing broken. Sudha saved Ansh at the right time. Komal comes there but Sudha didn’t give Ansh to her. Komal shouts for help. Mansi asks Sudha to give Ansh to her. Sudha threatens them by showing a knife to them. Sudha kicked them out of the room. Komal shouts for help. Later, Doree gives first aid to Rukmani. She gained her consciousness. Meanwhile, Mansi trying to convince Sudha. She says that Ansh is her child. How could she allow her child to cry? He needs milk. She asks her to give milk to him. Sudha gets convinced. Komal snatched the baby from her hand and lashes out at Sudha. She says that she will kick her out of the house when Rukmani returns to home. Mansi worries about Sudha. Later, the doctor checks Rukmani and says that she had a mild heartattack. Doree saved her life by giving CPR to her.

Anand rushes to there. He thanked the doctor for saved his mom life. She gives the credits to Doree. He takes Rukmani from there. The principal asks Doree how did she learnt to give CPR. She says that baba taught her. When a person fainted in the street. He helped that person by giving CPR. She says that she learnt from him to help others. The principal says that she may failed in the exam. But she passed in the life exam. She can join in her school. Doree is happy and hugged him. Flora gets disappointed. Later, Anand brings Rukmani to home. Chakram informs Mansi that Doree saved her at the right time. She is surprised to hear it. Meanwhile, Ganga carried Doree on his shoulder. She says to him that she will wear a new uniform and buy books. She will go to the school. Ganga apologized to her for being rude to her. Doree says that she don’t mind. She got an admission in the school because of God blessing. Flora thinks that she may got the admission but she will fail asap.

Meanwhile, Mansi stops Komal from revealing the truth to Rukmani. Anand asks her to take a rest. Mansi asks her to take a rest in home. Doree saved her life at a right time. Rukmani gets frustrated. She asks her not to take Doree name in this house. Anand asks her not to take stress for her. Komal says that they won’t take Doree’s name here. Rukmani gets angry and breaks the glass in anger. Mansi thinks that she doesn’t know why is mom showing this much hatred on her. Rukmani thinks that she has to do something asap to transfer everything on her name. She calls Pavithra to meet her alone. Later, Ganga buys a fridge. Nani asks him why did he brought it? He says that he has to give a facilities to Doree. He got a saree order. He will work hard to make her comfortable in this house. Flora thinks that she won’t allow her to stay in this house. Pavithra gives a Diya to Doree. She asks her to light this Diya in the temple. She has to do it for Ganga.

Pavithra lies to her that she would have do it but she has lots of work in home. Pavithra asks Doree to light the diya alone in the temple. Doree nodded to her. Meanwhile, Rukmani and her goons are waiting for Doree. Pavithra informs her that she sent Doree to the temple. Rukmani informs the goons that 8 years girl will come here asap by holding a Diya. They have to abduct her. Flora snatched the diya from Doree and light in the temple. The goons abducted Flora from there. Doree noticed it.

Episode end

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