Doree 3rd June 2024 Written Update: Ganga Prasad falls down from the stairs

Doree 3rd June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vansh and his friends are making fun of Doree. He teases her for not having an surname. He mentioned her as an orphan. Doree asks them to stop it. She isn’t an orphan. Her father name is Ganga Prasad. Heart connection is important then blood relation. She got the best father in the world. He loves her a lot. The teacher appreciates her. Everyone claps for her. Flora and Vansh disliked it. She thinks that she has to do something dangerous to kick her out of this school. Meanwhile, Rukmani takes Anand to another temple. He asks her why did she take him here? Rukmani says that she has only one prayer. She wanted to separate Doree from Ganga. She prays god to listen to her prayer. Later, Flora is thinking a way to kick Doree out of the school. Vansh stops Flora from entering into the room. He says that a deadly animal is inside it. Doree is searching for washroom. Flora lies to her that it’s the washroom and locked her inside that room. Doree shouts for help. Doree hears a weird sound from that room. She is shocked to see that animal approaching her.

Rukmani hears the announcement from the temple. She noticed Ganga Prasad is there. She thinks that he may came here to beg. Anand says that he came to get the price amount. Rukmani thinks how will he climb the stairs. She hears the announcement there. Ganga Prasad started the competition. He starts climbing on the stairs in his kneel. Rukmani smirks at him. Doree is scared to see the animal there. Doree shouts for the help. Flora laughs hearing it. She thinks that Doree won’t attend the school hereafter. She will go far from her baba. Doree searched for her baba in the fear. Ganga is struggling to climb on the stairs. Rukmani is surprised to see Ganga is managed to climb the stairs with confidence. Anand asks her when will Ganga falls down. All the competitor falls down except Ganga. Rukmani thinks that he shouldn’t win it. Ganga loses his balance but he managed the situation.

Ganga prays god to give thr struggles to him but he might win this. He might save Doree. Doree falls down. Rukmani says to Anand that Ganga will win the prize amount. Doree won’t go to orphanage. The god isn’t listening her prayer. She asks Anand to do something. Ganga’s leg starts bleeding. Govind feels happy to see him crossed 75 steps. Doree falls in front of the animal and gets hurt. Doree prays to the god. Govind gets a phone call. The principal calls Govind and tells him that Doree’s life is in danger. She is searching for her baba. Ganga is about to cross the line. Govind announced that Doree’s life is in danger. Ganga Prasad loses his balance and falls form. A snake comes there to stop the animal. Doree thinks that god sent the snake to save her. A teacher saved Doree. They gives first aid to Doree. Ganga loses his consciousness.

Episode end

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