Doree 4th June 2024 Written Update: Ganga in a tight spot

Doree 4th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rukmani saying to Anand that Ganga is going to die. Govind takes Ganga to the hospital. Anand asks Rukmani if she did it to him? Rukmani says that she hired a person to divert Ganga from win this competition. She is aware that she can divert Ganga, using Doree’s name. Ganga can’t keep Doree with him. She will get all her property back on her name. Later, Nani asks Doree to change her clothes. She is adamant not to change the clothes till baba returns to home. Govind brings Ganga to home. They are shocked to see his state. Doree cries seeing him. Govind narrates to them what happened in the temple. Doree is shocked to hear that he got hurt because of her. Doree asks him why did he do like that? What will she do if something happens to her? Pavithra says that he did this all for Doree. He is ready to sacrifice his life for Doree. She doesn’t know how many days left for Flora. He can’t see anyone other then Doree. Flora pretends like faint there. She acts like she cares for Ganga a lot. Doree prays for Ganga. Later, Rukmani says to Komal that tomorrow is puja. Komal and Mansi have to take fasting for her grandson. This isn’t a joke. They might be careful with this puja. This puja is for mom and child relationship. Mansi asks her why did she do a fake call to Govind that Doree’s life is in danger. Ganga fell down from the stairs and fighting for his life.

Rukmani asks her why she is taking Doree’s name. Her evil eyes will fall on this house. Mansi complaints that Rukmani’s evil eyes fall on them. She is always troubling them. Doesn’t she warn them they shouldn’t harm Doree and her baba. Anand twist her hand behind and ask her why she is blaming her mom without an proof. Mansi says that her heart saying that Rukmani did it all. Anand complaints that Ganga got hurt but Mansi feeling the pain. Vansh complaints that they are always fighting. They are bad. He leaves from there. Anand complaints that she isn’t taking care of Vansh. Rukmani asks Mansi to show her love to him. She is realising that she is a mom whenever Doree’s name come. Mansi asks Rukmani to stop her wrong deeds. At least she has to be scared of God. Rukmani says that she is writing her destiny by her own hands. She isn’t scared of God. Only weak people scared of God. Mansi says that one day she will pay for all her deeds. Count her days for it.

Rukmani smirks at her. Later, Doree patting on Ganga. She asks him why did he take this risk for her? Ganga says that he is alright after seeing her. Doree says that he shouldn’t repeat it. She takes promise from him. Ganga assures her. He asks her if she got hurt? Doree says that she is alright. She shares her grief with him. Ganga consoles her. Bal nivas starts comes there. They came to check their house to confirm whether Doree is able to live in that house comfortable or not? They checks the rations. Pavithra pretends like feeding rice water to Flora. She refuses to drink it. They noted it. They finds that house is not clean. The staff complaints that they don’t have enough rations in their house. Only two bed is there. They can’t provide a facilities to Doree here. Ganga says that he isn’t well. He will bring the rations asap. Only he can take care of Doree. Doree asks them not to separate her from Ganga. She can’t live without her baba. They complaints that he doesn’t care about Doree. He forgot her when his real daughter came. They will take Doree from this house tomorrow. Doree and Flora hugs Ganga Prasad.

Episode end

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