Doree 5th June 2024 Written Update: Doree takes a bold move

Doree 5th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Doree saying to the god that she can’t live without her baba. Then why he is separating her from her baba. She can’t miss him. Pavitra comes there. She apologized to her. She wouldn’t have bring Flora to home. She was adamant to meet her father. Ganga has to take the responsibility of Flora. Pavithra says that she doesn’t have another option in her hand. Ganga Prasad will do anything for Doree. He is risking his life for her. Pavithra says that she can break Flora’s heart but she can’t see Ganga’s death. Someone has to sacrifice the happiness. It’s her final decision. She manipulates Doree and leaves. Doree thinks if Ganga Prasad is in danger because of her. If she separating Flora from her baba. Later, Ganga Prasad is stitching the saree. Nani asks him not to work in this condition. He needs a rest. Ganga Prasad is adamant to work there to make Doree happy. He is ready to sacrifice anything for her. Kailash Devi asks him to leave Doree to her destiny. Ganga Prasad says that he won’t allow it to happen. He saved her from the ganga river. Kailash Devi asks her if he going to kill himself for her. He says that he will do anything for her. Ganga falls down. He stops them from touching him. Doree noticed it all. She thinks that baba taking risk for her.

The next day, Ganga wakes up. He searched for Doree. He fears that someone takes Doree from there. Flora gets irritated to hear it. Ganga couldn’t walk. He crawled on the floor and shouts in fear. He asks her if they separated Doree from him? Pavithra thinks that it seems Doree listened to her words and ran away from home. Doree comes there. He scolds her for went out without informing him. Doree says that today is vrid. He used to take fasting for her everywhere. He isn’t well today. She is going to take fasting for him this year. Ganga Prasad says that no one can’t separate her from him. They gets emotional. Doree says that we don’t need to worry about it all. Let’s put the pressure on the God. He will correct everything. We are getting late. We have to create a moorthy.
Pavithra thinks that she manipulated her though she isn’t ready to leave from this house. Doree packed her things. She gets emotional recalling her moments with Ganga Prasad. She recalls her moments with her baba.

Pavithra says to Doree that it seems she took the decision. She will take Flora from this house after the puja. She won’t get her father’s love always. Doree can stay with her baba. Doree asks her not to leave. She asks her if she going far from her baba. Ganga Prasad calls her. She rushes to him. Doree says to him that everything is alright. She will do a Puja to Ganesh ji. He will correct everything. Later, they are creating a Ganesh ji moorthy. Flora thinks that she doesn’t know when will Doree leave from her life. Ganga is often checking whether someone will come there to take Doree from him. Nani asks him why he is looking outside. He shares his grief with her. He worried about Doree. Nani asks him to believe in God. They won’t come to separate Doree from him. She won’t go anywhere leaving him. Ganga asks Govind about time. He says that bal nivas people didn’t come yet. Doree asks him to leave everything to god’s hand. Nani consoles him. Ganga gets happy. Doree recalls the way she talked with the bal nivas people and take one day time. She assures them that she will take a fasting with her baba. She is ready for adoption. They agreed to her wish.

Ganga Prasad and Doree start the puja together. They takes arathi together. Satho dances there. Doree asks Ganga to take a selfie of her with baba. She needs this photo today itself. Doree takes photo with everyone in the basti. Later, Anand demands his staff to arrange all the papers. He will kill Doree this time and separate her from her baba forever. Chakram hears it all. He thinks that he isn’t allowing Doree to live in a peace. Doree thinks that she will go far from Ganga’s life.

Episode end

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