Doree 6th June 2024 Written Update: Mansi exposed Rukmani

Doree 6th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mansi getting ready to go out. Chakram thinks it’s better to inform Mansi about it. Rukmani comes there. He is scared to hear it. She asks him why is he terrified? If he taking a fasting. Chakram says that he isn’t married yet because of their blessing. Then how will he take fasting for his children. Rukmani says that he will get married asap. Mansi leaves from there. Chakram says that she is going alone. He will accompany her. Rukmani denied it. She asks him to help Vansh to get ready. Chakram says that he might go out and save Doree from Anand. Later, Nani asks Pavithra if she fasting for this puja? Pavithra lies to her that she is taking a fasting for both Doree and Flora. Ganga is sick that is why. Flora creates a scene there. She asks Ganga to keep fasting for Doree. Doree thinks that she will do this puja for her baba every year. She excuses them. Later, Rukmani is doing a Puja in home. Komal eyes is sticked on her jewels. Chakram leaves from there. Rukmani says that it’s a Doli
She has two son. They will carry her in it and complete the puja. They nodded to her.

Pavithra and Flora completed the puja. Doree brings a chair for Ganga Prasad. She asks him to sit on it she will help him to complete the puja. Ganga asks her how will she carry his weight. She says that he isn’t her bhoj but confidence. He used to carry her always on his shoulder. She can carry him too. He is her strength. Ganga feels proud of her. She pushed his wheel chair. Nani asks them who said that daughter is a bhoj. She can’t carry a father’s weight. She is carrying her father’s weight. Later, Rukmani sits in the doli. Anand and Rai carried it and walks from there. Rukmani feels proud. Anand loses his balance and drops the doli. It catch the fire. Komal shouts fire! Rukmani asks Raj to extinguish the fire. She scolds Anand for not able to carry this doli. Mansi says that she is a sinister. That is why the god is not accepting her puja. Anand scolds her. Mansi says that he can’t hide the truth from all. This family truth is this report. She asks her to read the report. Mansi complaints that Sudha’s baby didn’t died because she fell from the stairs. But Rukmani aborted her baby. She was carrying a girl child. Mansi complaints that she is the reason for her mental depression.

Rukmani is the reason for the misunderstanding between Yash and Sudha. Why she is hating a girl child. What have they done to her? She killed a infant without mercy. Its good she is died or else she would have died in a shame. She can’t able to accept such a family. She asks her why she is hating girl child. Rukmani says that it’s dangerous. She recalls the way she met the astrologer and read her palm. He informs her that a daughter will ruin everything. Her granddaughter will snatch everything from her. She can’t lead this happy and luxurious life. She will be the reason for her death. Rukmani says that she won’t allow a girl baby to born in this house. She will kill everyone. Rukmani thinks that she is killing the girl child for her safety. Ganga feels proud of Doree. Someone attacked Chakram from behind. Rukmani and Mansi completed the puja. She thinks who is that girl child. She feels like she is going to meet her. Doree waits for the bal nivas people. Mata Rani comes there.. she says to Doree that she took the right decision. Raman went to vanavas to destroy Ravanan. Its a new beginning in Doree’s life. She has to seperate from her father to destroy the monster. She will end their life. Doree gets confused.

Episode end

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