Doree 7th June 2024 Written Update: Rukmani’s attempt to kill Raj’s daughter

Doree 7th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rukmani thinking that she feels like a daughter born in this house. She is going to meet her. Mansi completed her puja. She prays for her daughter happiness. Meanwhile, Ganga takes arathi to Doree. She completes her puja and breaks his fasting. Ganga Prasad says that he prayed from his heart. Bal nivas people didn’t come to take Doree from him. Flora disliked it and runs from there. Doree follows her behind. Mansi is doing the puja alone for her daughter. She says that her daughter isn’t with her. She is fasting for her. She believes that this puja will reach to her. She needs a chance to meet her once. She is ready to give her life to protect her. Meanwhile, a woman comes there covering her face and steals the puja things from there. Flora says to Doree that she is trying to steal her baba from her. Its not her house. Doree tells her that she isn’t separating her from him. She will leave from baba’s life within 30 minutes. Flora asks her if baba allows her to go? Doree says that she didn’t inform him about it. She asks Flora to be with baba. She advises her to give his medicine and food to him on time. He feels thirsty at night so give water to him. She requests her to hug Baba tighter whenever he miss her. Kailash Devi and Pavithra listened to their conversation. She thinks that Rukmani’s plan is success. Doree touched the things which her baba gifted to her.

Doree gets emotional seeing the picture and things. She thinks that these things helps her to remember her baba. Meanwhile, Doree asks Nani to take care of Baba. If she gives a proper massage to his hand then he will be alright asap. Nani says that she can do it. Why she is asking her to do it. If she going anywhere. She denied it. Ganga calls her to feed kheer to her. He feeds the kheer to Doree. Doree hugs him. She feeds him back. He spends a quality time with Doree. Meanwhile, Rukmani meets Guruji. She says to him that she didn’t allow any daughter to born in her house after he warned her. Though she feels like something is going bad in her life. She isn’t neither happy nor leading a peaceful life. What’s the reason for it. She feels like she is losing everything. Guruji asks her to do a ritual. She follows the instructions.

Guruji says to Rukmani that whatever she tried to get rid of daughter in her family. An extremely powerful girl born in her family. She is still alive. She is staying away from her family. She will bring a destruction in her life. Rukmani asks him who is that girl. She thinks that Komal’s daughter of that girl. Kailash wish to reveal the truth to Ganga. She thinks that she got her son after lots of struggle. She can’t lose him again for Doree. Doree comes there and takes their blessings. She says that she needs his permission to light Diya in the temple. He says that she is taking his permission to go out. Doree says that she won’t go out without her permission. Meanwhile, the same woman brings the prasad to Doree’s house. She thinks that Doree has to leave from her baba. Doree leaves from her house collecting her memory. Later, Rukmani thinks that Raj’s daughter is still alive because of Doree. Now she won’t show any mercy to her. She added poison in the kheer. She thinks that if she tasted it then she won’t be alive. A daughter can’t ruin her life.

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