Doree 8th June 2024 Written Update: Rukmani is in a tight spot

Doree 8th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rukmani adding poison in the kheer. She tried to feed Komal’s daughter. She can’t ruin her life. Mansi asks Rukmani what’s she doing?

Rukmani says that she is going to feed the prasad to her granddaughter. Mansi says that she wanted to kill the girl baby in this house. Then how could she feed the kheer to her. Rukmani complaints to Raj that Mansi isn’t allowing her to feed the prasad to her granddaughter. Mansi asks her to taste the kheer first then feed it to baby. Rukmani thinks that her life is in danger because of this baby. Her doubts is right. Komal says to her that Rukmani won’t try to harm her daughter. She asks her to eat it and prove it that she isn’t harming this child. Rukmani refuses to eat it reasoning she won’t allow her daughter-in-law to order her. Mansi says that she shouldn’t feed this kheer to her. Rukmani eats it. She shows her fake concern on them. Mansi thinks that she is sure Rukmani added something in that kheer. But why it’s not affected to Rukmani. Rukmani is driving the car faster. She thinks that she has to reach the hospital asap or else she will die.

Doree meets the manager and informs him that she is back as she promised. The manager informs her that a couples adopted her. They will offer money to Ganga for taking care of her these many days. His assistant hears it and informs Anand about it. He gets angry after hearing that he didn’t get Doree’s custody. He complaints that he didn’t work for him. He says that paper works are over. Anand thinks that he have to inform mom about it. He called her but Rukmani disconnected the call. Doree asks the manager who is going to adopt her? He says that he will let her know about it asap. Doree asks him what if something happens to her dad after she left him. He asks her to think positively.

Meanwhile, a woman comes there wearing a ghunghat. She gives a Prasad to Doree. She says that her real mom took fasting for her. This is the prasad for her. Doree asks her if she know her real mom? She nodded to her. She says that she is going to take her to her real mom. Doree says that they threw her into the river then why she is going to adopt her. She gives a strange reason for it. She shows her identity to her. Doree confirms that it’s her thing.

Ganga is searching for Doree. She gives the prasad to her and leaves. The manager asks Doree if she takes the decision? Doree thinks if it’s true that her real mom is waiting for her. She is going to live with her mom. Meanwhile, Mansi hears a girl calling her as mom. She goes to check the sound. That place turns dark. She noticed a girl crying for her. Anand comes to snatch her from Mansi. Mansi pushed him away and save the baby. Mansi wakes up from her dream. Mansi thinks that she didn’t dream about her daughter yet. She saw her in dream suddenly. What’s the meaning for it.

The manager says to Doree that she took the right decision. He asks her to sit inside the car. This car will take her to her new parents. Doree thinks what’s going on in her life. Ganga creates a problem in the bal nivas. He scolds them for separated his daughter from him. Meanwhile, ghunghat woman sits inside the car. He makes Doree blindfolded. She says that she is going to her house to take back her rights. Mansi is shocked to see Doree there. Doree informs her that ghunghat woman said that her real parents adopted her. If she is her real mom.

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