Doree 9th June 2024 Written Update: Neelu plays a dirty game

Doree 9th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Doree asking Mansi if she her real mom? If she born in this house? Her heart saying that she is her real mom. Everyone is shocked to hear it. Mansi thinks if it’s the reason she dreamt about her daughter. Doree came to meet her for it. Anand thinks how did this truth came out. If mom finds out about it then he doesn’t know how she will react. Komal asks Doree why she is creating a new drama. Doree asks Mansi whom threw her into the river. She doesn’t know who brought her here. Raj asks her why she is creating a drama. Doree says that she doesn’t want them. They are bad people. She don’t want to stay with her parents who threw her to the ganga river. Anand fears that she may reveal the truth.

Komal says that she isn’t her mother as well as Sudha. She can ask Mansi about it. Mansi asks Doree what did that Ghunghat woman said to her? Doree says that she said to her that she will find her family today. Her parents are waiting for her. She showed her bracelet to her. Which her mom tied to her hand. Nani said that it was her identity.

Anand asks her to stop it. Mansi demands him not to come between her and Doree. She asks her where is the bracelet . She says that ghunghat woman takes it from there. She asks Doree if she can sketch the bracelet. Anand didn’t allow Doree to enter to his house. Mansi asks her to wait there. She brings the papers there. She asks her to sketch it asap. Anand fears the worst. He tears the papers in anger. Mansi asks him what’s he saying? If he is scared of her. Anand says that she is always creating a problem in their house. He can’t allow her. Raj says that nothing to worry. He asked the Bal nivas to send her adopted parents picture. We can finds out who is her real parents today. Anand says that he don’t want to see the picture. He pushed Doree out. Rukmani holds her. She says that she came here by herself. She won’t allow her to leave. She wanted to find out who is her real parents. A woman comes there. She is wearing the ghunghat.

Doree says that this woman said this to her. She brought her here. Mansi asks her who she is? She reveals her face to everyone. Neelu is there. She thinks that Anand kicked her out of this house. She will make sure that no one dare to do it again. Neelu says to Doree that she will finds out her parents this time. Ganga worries about Doree. A baba comes there. Ganga asks him to help him to find his daughter. He asks him to check the compass. He shared the direction to them. He asks him to search for her. Raj says that he got the photo. They are shocked to see Chakram and Neelu’s photo there. Neelu introduced Chakram as her husband.

Chakram comes there. Mansi asks her what’s this new drama? She was her husband keep. She pretended to marry Ganga. Now this new drama. Neelu says that it’s the truth. She is aware that Doree won’t listens to her so she shares an fake story to her and bring her here. Doree says that she is a lier. She won’t trust her. Rukmani says that she can’t be a queen of this house. How could she expect a rich parents. She deserved to be their servant. Doree questions Neelu and chakram. They showed their marriage certificate. Ganga comes there.

Episode end

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