Doree: Mansi to take a stand for Doree?

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Colors TV launched a new show, Doree. Doree is set against the backdrop of Varanasi and focuses on evils in society like the abandonment of a girl’s child and the rights of a girl. It shows the world through the eyes of a little girl named Doree.


In the previous episode we see; Doree searches for Mansi. Kailash Devi said to Lakshman that Komal was going to give her two grandchildren. But Sudha is infertile. She can’t give a heir to her. She shouldn’t congratulate a pregnant woman. Sudha left there in tears. Lakshman curses her that a girl will change her attitude. She will break her rules in this house. She is going to lose her peace and happiness because of that girl. Doree enters into that house. She followed Mansi. She hides by seeing Kailash Devi. She thought that she will create unnecessary problems there. Later, Ganga Prasad gained consciousness. He searched for Doree. Satho informed him that Nani kicked her out of the house.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Kailash Devi will say to Anand that she needs a grandson. Vansh’s face might be reflected in 8 mirrors. Kailash Devi will make sure there is no girl in the house. Komal will untie her blindfold. She will be shocked to see Doree in the mirror. Kailash Devi will threaten Doree for stealing. Mansi lies to her that she brought her here from the temple.

Will Doree find her real mom? When will Kailash Devi find out Doree is her granddaughter?

The upcoming episode will answer all our questions and stay in tune with our space for more updates.