Drama to galore in Kuki’s birthday: Kasauti Zindagi Kay!

Next in Kasauti Zindagi Kay will see, Sharda will plan to spoil Kuki’s birthday.

Prerna will make Kuki sleep and Mr. Bajaj will come there and will tell Prerna that Kuki is his life and he will get pain when anything happens to her. Prerna will tell her that she knows that and will assure him that nothing that happened today will happen again.

Later, Prerna will get a call from Shivi and she will inform Prerna about Veena’s new job at Mr. Vyas Company. Prerna will recollect that this was the same company she worked and think about the work load. Prerna will call up Starlite Company and will talk to Veena. Veena and Prerna will have an argument and Veena will ask her not to interfere and will ask her who is giving her info about her house.

Prerna will lie that she had seen her entering Vyas’s company.  Prerna will offer her financial support but Veena will decline her help. Here Bajaj will overhear Prerna and Veena talk and will apologize, and will ask Prerna to relax.

Here, Anurag will be packing his bag and Nivedita will arrive there and will ask him about Rakshabandhan. Anurag will apologize but will tell her that he had to go. Nivedita and Tapur celebrate Rakhi with Anurag. Later, Sharda Mausi and Tanvi will plan to foil Kuki’s birthday party.

Do Sharda will get successful in spoiling kuki’s birthday? Do Prerna will be able to find out Sharda’s evil intensions? What will be Anurga’s next move against Mr. Bajaj? Do Mr. Bajaj will be able to convince Anurag for taking his decision back and not going to London, as people there are not good for the deal?

Well, for all the answers keep watching the show mon-fri on Star Plus.

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