Drama with Aly followed by entertainment with Rakhi on Bigg Boss tonight!

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The lockout task is still on and the housemates are in the garden area. They are branded as inmates and are still not allowed to come inside the Bigg Boss house. All of them are extremely anxious and are always on the edge as they don’t have access to luxury items. Their ration is limited and restricted only to essential items. So, when given a chance to have some fresh, personalized coffee supply till the end of their journey for 100 units, the housemates are ready to pay any price.

To avoid what happened the last time when the housemates were given desserts and everyone rushed inside the house, Aly decides to stand against the door and block people from entering. While Rakhi Sawant is furious that she is not allowed to enter and get coffee, Aly stands strong, refusing to move. Later, however, he announces that only Devoleena can enter the house and get the coffee. Abhinav gets irritated that Aly is changing his stand now and allowing Devoleena. The two who were once friends, now enter into a ferocious fighting match and are at each other’s throats!

It’s time for entertainment as Rakhi Sawant takes the floor and kicks off her antics into high gear! She starts by roasting Rahul and then proceeds to the others. The junta is given a chance to vote live and decide if Rakhi is the complete entertainer! Rakhi does everything to win the vote. Right from doing Salsa in the house to bringing back her alter ego, the half-funny and half-scary, Julie!

Will Aly and Abhinav be enemies or allies? Will Rakhi win the title as Entertainer?

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