Drishti foresees a new danger: Divya Drishti

Next in Star Plus Divya Drishti Rakshit struggles to save Divya and Drishti and here Drishti sees a new danger.

So far in Divya Drishti, Rakshit and Lava’s marriage happens. Pisachini gets happy thinking now Lava will help her in taking Vijayratna from Rakshit. Otherside, Divya and Drishti search for the ashes. Divya says the light has gone. Drishti recalls her mother words and tells Divya that ma told her about the last light and today is full moon night. The light falls on the ground.

Divya and Drishti go inside the underground place and searches for the ash. The duo sees a box from which a black smoke was coming out. Drishti sprinkles holy water on in Pisachini comes out from it. She laughs on them and says she will kill them.

Now in the upcoming episode will see, Pisachini will instruct Lavanya to poison Rakshit.

Rakshit married Lava for a reason. Ahead, Pisachini will say to Lavanya that she made her lizard so that she can take the Kaal Vijay Ratna from Rakshit. She will ask her to bite Rakshit and take the ratna. Otherside, drunken Drishti will foresee a new danger. Divya and Drishti will be hanging from the cliff. Pisachini will say to them that they can’t kill them. She says last time they tried killing her but she didn’t die, so this time they shouldn’t try killing her instead she will ask for ratna.

Here, Rakshit will struggle to Divya and Drishti.

How Rakshit will save Divya and Drishti? What Pisachini will do next to know about Kaal Vijay Ratna from Divya and Drishti? And do Lava will be able to succeed in getting ratna from Rakshi, well for all the answers keep watching Divya and Drishti, sat-sun, on Star Plus.

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