Drishti to lose her powers: Divya Drishti

Star Plus fantasy drama Divya Drishti is gearing up for high voltage drama with Drishti losing her powers and Lava bitting Rakshit.

Last we reported, Rakshit gets all ready to marry lavanya with a hidden motive. Pisachini is happy thinking now Lava will work according to her. She turns Lava into lizard and asks her to use the powers against Rakshit.

Otherside, Divya and Drishti fall from the bridge. Pisachini asks them to tell where kaal ratna is. She asks them to tell else they will die. Rakshit comes to rescue Divya and Drishti. He saves both of them. Rakshit brings Drishti to the room. She opens her eyes and thanks to the mystery man. She asked is Lava and Rakshit are married. Anjan tells her that Rakshit is doing that for a reason.

Rakshit comes to his room. Lava tries to seduce him. Drishti comes to her room and asks her to leave Rakshit. She says he is her husband. Rakshit says Drishti is drunk. Lava and Drishti fights, Drishti sees a lizard after touching Lavanya.

Now in the upcoming episode, will see Drishti will lose her powers.

Drishti is about to discover Lavanya’s shocking truth but she will accidentally touches devil’s weed and will lose all her powers. Meanwhile, Rakshit’s body will turn green after Lavanya succeeds in biting him.

Do Rakshit will die or Drishti will save him? How Drishti will get back her powers. It will be interesting to watch. To know more keep watching Divya Drishti sat-sun, on Star Plus and anytime on Hotstar.

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