Durga Aur Charu 10th January 2023 Written Update: Binoy slaps Durga

Durga Aur Charu 10th January 2023 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Chumki enters Durga’s room and tells herself that she became a princess. She notices Charu and Durga’s photo frame and throws it away. Durga takes the photo frame and asks Chumki that why she throw it away. Chumki tells her that this is her room too now. She keeps her things in the room and throws Durga’s drawing. Durga asks her to not throw her and Charu’s things. Chumki tells her to get habituated of her because Charu went to jail in murder case. Durga tells her that Charu is not killer. She says that Chumki can’t come in between her and Charu.

Chumki falls down and screams. Everyone comes there. Chumki says that Durga pushed her when she was just keeping her things in the room. She acts like she is hurt. Binoy scolds Durga. Sampurna tells him that she will make Durga understand. Durga runs from there. Sampurna asks Bholi and Chumki to not misunderstand Durga and says Durga need time to accept Chumki as sister. She tells Chumki to stay with Bholi for few days in the guest room.

On the other hand, Police takes Charu and few girls in the police van. Those girls tries to fight with Charu deliberately. Police officer warns them to keep quiet.

Chumki tells Bholi that this guest room is so small comparing to Durga’s room. She says that she thought Durga will be slapped if she act like crying then but nothing like that happened. Bholi tells her that she will do something and she breaks Durga’s photo frame. She tells her that the latter has to do tamasha to achieve their goal. She asks her to follow her instructions and tells her to do something.

In the police van, Charu asks God to help her to prove her innocence. One of the girl says that God won’t help Charu. Charu warns her to stay away from her. They fights with each other. Police officer asks them to stop it. Charu says that she trust God.

Durga gets emotional seeing her and Charu’s drawing. She recalls that how Charu told her to become courageous girl. Chumki comes there and locks the door from inside and she hit her head on the cupboard. Durga gets confused seeing that. Chumki screams saying that Durga is beating her. She hurts herself. Durga asks her to stop it.

Binoy asks Durga to open the door. Durga moves towards the door. But Chumki drags Durga and acts like Durga is twisting her hand. Polash breaks the door. Everyone gets shocked seeing girls position. Durga says that she did nothing. Chumki pretends like fainting.

Police van meets with an accident. Village people helps girls. Doctor treats Chumki’s injury and asks her to take rest. Chumki sleeps on Binoy’s lap. Durga comes there. Chumki apologizes to Durga for entering her room. Binoy makes Chumki sleep on the sofa. He slaps Durga which shocks everyone.

Episode ends.

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