Durga Aur Charu 12th January 2023 Written Update: Charu learns about Chumki’s actions

Durga Aur Charu 12th January 2023 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Charu wonders that she is in whose house and she decides to go out to eat. Durga prays to Kali maa. She feels Charu’s presence and she searches her. Sampurna asks Durga to eat saying that she will bring food for her. Binoy asks her to bring food for Chumki so Sampurna leaves from there. Charu comes out and she gets happy seeing the palace. She decides to meet Durga and searches her. Durga asks God to let her meet Charu. Charu asks God to let her meet Durga. She reaches the kitchen and takes rasagullas to eat. Durga drags her from there before Bholi sees Charu. They gets emotional seeing each other and they hides from Bholi. Bholi tells herself that she has to stay strong to think plans. She takes food and leaves from there.

Durga tells Charu that the latter could not stay away from her. Charu agrees with her. They wipes each other’s tears. Durga tells Charu that others can’t see her. Charu wears blanket and takes rasagullas box. Durga takes Charu to her room. Charu tells Durga that she know the latter is hungry. Durga tells her that she kept fasting for her. Charu shows rasagullas to her. They feeds each other.

Charu asks Durga that why the latter is staying in the guest room. Durga tells her that Binoy gave her room to Chumki. Charu asks her that what exactly happened. Durga tells her everything. Charu gets sad that Durga faced so much. She tells her that Kali maa brought her there for her. Durga tells her that others will call police if they saw her then. She says that she can’t let Charu leave until she proves her innocence. Charu tells her that only Bholi knows what happened to Baanke.

Chumki comes there. Charu hides before Chumki sees her. Chumki asks Durga that with whom the latter was talking. Durga lies to her that she talked to herself. Chumki searches the room but finds no one. Charu hits on Chumki’s head. Chumki misunderstands that Durga hit her and tells Durga that she will make Binoy slap her again. She screams for help.

Sampurna hears Chumki’s scream and goes to guest room. Chumki complains about Durga to Sampurna. Durga says that she tied her hands to prove her innocence. Sampurna unties her. She tells Chumki that Durga did not hit her. Chumki tells her that there is a ghost in the room and runs from there. Durga thanks Sampurna for trusting her.

Chumki hides under the bed in fear. Bholi tells her that ghost don’t exist. She asks her that if the latter is sure Durga hided her hands. She says that she has to execute next step of the plan. Meanwhile, Charu tells Durga to do something.

Episode ends.

Precap – Bholi enters the room and gets current shock. Charu laughs seeing that. Later, Police searches Charu in the palace.

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