Durga Aur Charu 13th January 2023 Written Update: Disguises Charu meets Choudhary

Durga Aur Charu 13th January 2023 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Charu waits for Bholi in the guest room. Bholi tells herself that it’s time to execute the plan. She goes to guest room and searches Durga. She steps on the carpet and gets current shock and screams. Charu laughs seeing that and switch off the button. Bholi searches Durga but finds no one there. Charu locks her in the cupboard without showing her face. Bholi wonders that if ghost is there and screams for help. Charu recalls that how Bholi used to lock her in the cupboard. Bholi says that she won’t spare Durga.

Chumki comes there and opens the cupboard. She gets scared seeing Bholi and screams. Bholi tells her that it’s her. Chumki laughs at her. She calls everyone to complain about Durga. Bholi tries to stop her saying that no one will believe them because Durga is not in the room. Everyone comes there. Polash screams seeing Bholi. Sumona asks Bholi that what happened to her. Bholi tells them that she got current shock.

Chumki blames Durga for Bholi’s condition. Binoy says that Durga did not change at all. Sumona tells him that Durga was studying mathematics in her room till now so how Durga is responsible for Bholi’s condition. Durga recalls that how she asked Sumona to teach mathematics to her.

Binoy asks Chumki that what is all this. Sampurna tells Chumki that it’s wrong to accuse someone unnecessarily. Binoy tells Chumki that she and Durga are sisters so she should not do like this. Bholi tells them that she will make Chumki understand and takes Chumki from there. Sampurna tells Binoy that last time too Chumki would have misunderstood. Binoy apologizes to Durga and tells her to stay in her room. Bholi and Chumki overhears their conversation. Everyone leaves the room except Durga.

Durga tells Charu that now they have to plan to bring Charu’s happiness. She says that they have to make Bholi confess the truth. Charu tells her that it won’t be easy. Durga tells her that they can do anything if they are together. Bholi wonders that who did this with her if Durga was with Sumona then.

Next day, police reaches the palace. Police officer informs Binoy about Charu’s escape. Bholi asks him to search the palace well because she don’t want Charu around Durga. Binoy gives permission to police to search the palace. Bholi wonders that if Charu returned and scaring her. Police searches Charu but don’t find her. They hears a noise and asks that who is there. Disguises Charu comes out.

Durga calls him as Sathurpuj. She recalls that how she overheard when Binoy told Sampurna that Anirudh’s friend son Sathurpuj coming to stay with them for few days. She calls Sathurpuj and asks him to not come to the palace. Binoy apologizes to Sathurpuj for not recognizing him. Sampurna asks Sathurpuj that what is he doing in store room. Sathurpuj pretends like getting scared of police. Binoy tells Sathurpuj that his father said the latter will arrive after few days.

Episode ends.

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