Durga Aur Charu 17th January 2023 Written Update: Chumki gets kidnapped

Durga Aur Charu 17th January 2023 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Bholi searches Durga’s room and finds wire which was used to give her current shock. She understands Durga’s plan. She says that Chumki will become princess of the palace and she will become queen of the palace. Next day, Binoy gives new dress and jewels to Chumki. He tells her that today she will perform Kali maa’s puja. Chumki asks him that what about Durga. He tells her that Durga performing puja for last 6 years so the latter can perform this year. Durga and Sampurna gets sad hearing him.

Bholi thinks that Binoy made her job easy and now her men can kidnap Durga easily. Charu asks Durga that if the latter is sad that she can’t perform puja this year. Durga tells her that she is sad because they can’t perform puja together. Charu tells her that they will perform puja together and tells her plan to her.

In the kitchen, Bholi explains her man that whom he should kidnap. On the other hand, Durga tells Chaturbhuj that she is glad she need not to perform puja today. Chumki asks her that why the latter is happy. Durga tells her that Kali maa punishes the evil persons today. Chumki gets scared hearing her. Durga says that God makes evil person as rat. She says that she pushed Chumki and she did not accept Chumki as sister so she can become rat. She tells Chaturbhuj that Chumki can perform puja because she did nothing wrong.

Everyone gathers for puja except Bholi. Chumki thinks that she will become rat if she performed puja then. She refuses to perform puja and says that Durga should perform puja like every year. Binoy praises Chumki. Durga tells Chumki to perform puja. Sampurna convinces Durga to perform puja. Chaturbhuj stands beside Durga and they performs puja together. Bholi’s men plans to kidnap Chumki. Bholi gets shocked seeing Durga performing puja. She notices her men and light goes off. Bholi’s men kidnaps Chumki.

Bholi comes downstairs and says that Chumki is missing. Sumona goes to check Chumki’s room. Bholi scolds her man for kidnapping the wrong person. Polash comes there and tells them that this mistake happened because Durga was performing puja. Bholi sends her man from there. Polash tells her that he has to tell the truth to Binoy. Bholi tells him that she also has to tell Binoy that how the latter deceives Binoy for money. She says that they are same and they should bring Chumki back. He tells her that no need of that and his plan to her.

Everyone searches Chumki. They finds a letter. Polash reads it and says that someone kidnapped Chumki. He reveals that ransom money is 25 thousand rupees . Bholi pretends like crying and she pleads Binoy to save Chumki. Binoy decides to give money to kidnappers. Polash says that kidnappers wants Durga to give money to them. Sampurna says that she won’t send Durga alone.

Polash says that they have to go to police. Binoy opposes him. Polash assures Sampurna that he will protect Durga and Chumki. Charu tells Durga that she don’t trust Polash. She says that she will hide in the car dicky. Binoy gives the money suitcase to Polash. Polash and Durga leaves from there. Chaturbhuj tries to go but Bholi takes him upstairs. Bholi falls asleep. Chaturbhuj escapes from there.

In the forest, Polash tells kidnappers that he brought money. He asks Durga to give the suitcase to kidnapper. Durga thinks that it would have been good if Charu was there. Kidnapper catches Durga and says that only Binoy and Chumki can leave from there. Polash pretends like pleading kidnapper. Kidnapper pushes him. Polash tells Durga that he will return with more money. He faints when Chaturbhuj throws stone on the former’s head.

Episode ends.