Durga Aur Charu 19th December 2022 Written Update: Charu saves Durga

Durga Aur Charu 19th December 2022 Written Update:on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with few boys troubles Durga. Charu saves Durga from them. She tells them that she will play with them and she beat them with ball. She orders them to apologize to Durga. Boys apologizes to Durga and runs from there. Durga gets happy seeing Charu. Charu also smiles seeing Durga ( Rishta tera mera song plays in the background ). She asks her that if the latter living in Kolkata. Durga nods at her. Charu asks her to not get scared of those boys and face them. Meanwhile, Chumki steals cookies from Durga’s car.

Charu introduces herself to Durga. Durga stammers when introduce herself. Chumki comes there and laughs at Durga. Charu scolds Chumki. Durga introduces herself to Charu. Chumki gives cookies to Charu which she stole from Durga’s car. Durga asks them that if they want anything else to eat. Chumki says that seems like Durga is rich and asks her to become her friend. Charu tells Chumki to stay away from Durga.

Durga learns that Charu and Chumki don’t have a place to live. She asks them to go with her to her house. Charu tells her that they will find an orphanage. Durga gives umbrella and the painting to Charu. Charu thanks her. Durga realises that she saved Charu and Chumki in Delhi and tells about it to Charu. Charu hugs Durga ( Rishta tera mera song plays in the background ). Driver tells Durga that they are getting late. Durga leaves from there.

Later, Durga enters the house. She tells Sampurna that she met Charu in Kolkata. She says that Charu is her friend now. Orphanage manager praises Binoy for helping orphans. Durga tells Sampurna that Charu is also an orphan so if Charu can stay in the orphanage. Sampurna tells Binoy about Charu and Chumki. Binoy says that they can stay in the orphanage. Sumona says that she is also like orphan only. Durga goes to get change. Sumona says that it won’t look good if Durga played with orphans. She badmouth Durga and her parents. Sampurna tells Sumona to go to her in law house. Sumona says that she will go and goes inside. Binoy tells Sampurna that Sumona won’t go anywhere. Sampurna says that she is worried because Sumona won’t accept Durga.

Chumki scolds Charu for rejecting Durga’s offer. Orphanage manager drags Charu and Chumki. They sees few people hitting a man. Charu asks them to stop it. She tells them that they are making mistake. She says that humanity is above anything. They leaves from there. That man praises Charu and he leaves from there. Orphanage manager tells Charu and Chumki that he is going to take them to orphanage. Charu thanks her mother. Durga smiles talking about Charu. Sampurna and Binoy sees that. Sampurna says that they don’t know Charu’s intention of meeting Durga.

Binoy tells Sampurna that Charu is the reason behind Durga’s change. Orphanage manager takes Charu and Chumki to orphanage and shows the room to them. Durga is reading the book. She sees agori man in her room and gets scared. She runs from her room and hides. Meanwhile, Charu saves Durga’s drawing from getting burnt. She hopes that Durga is fine. She gets Binoy’s phone number and calls on that number.

Durga notices that she urined in fear. Agori man finds Durga. Durga chants Devi’s name. She hears phone ringing sound. Charu thinks that Durga must be sleeping. Durga picks the call. Charu asks Durga that if the latter is fine. Durga cries and tells Charu about Agori man and drops the phone. She sees Sampurna and hugs her. Sampurna consoles her. Charu worries about Durga and decides to meet her. She gets Durga’s house address and leaves the orphanage.

Agori man removes his makeup and he turns out to be Sumona’s husband. He says that his weapon is Durga’s fear and Durga is alone. Binoy tells Sampurna that Durga must have got scared due to nightmare. Sumona tells them that they should scold Durga. Her husband says that Durga need love and care at this time.

Charu reaches Durga’s house. But Sumona stops Charu from entering the house and insults her. Charu is determines to meet Durga. She thinks that she won’t leave without meeting Durga.

Precap – Charu meets Durga. She teaches a lesson to Sumona

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