Durga Aur Charu 20th December 2022 Written Update: Charu teaches a lesson to Sumona

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Episode begins with Sampurna talks to Anirudh and Bondita’s photo. She tells them that she is not able to handle their last symbol. She says that she want to witness happiness in Durga’s eyes but she is witnessing fear. She asks them that what she should do. She pleads them to let Durga and Devi meet. Meanwhile, Charu wonders that how she is going to enter the palace. She notices that few people taking things into the palace and she hides into it. She thinks that she don’t have any other choice to meet Durga. They drops the things due to heavy weight. Palash moves towards them to check it. Charu gets scared.

Sampurna tells workers to keep everything in the storeroom. She tells Durga to get ready because they will go to buy gift for her birthday once she returns from temple. Durga tells her that she want Charu not gift. Sampurna tells her that God will fulfill birthday girl wish. Workers keeps everything in the storeroom. Charu sneaks out of storeroom and she searches Durga. She goes upstairs and gets confused seeing many room. She hides hearing Sumona’s voice. Sumona enters Durga’s room and asks Durga that if anyone came. Durga tells her that no one came. Sumona leaves from there. Durga sees Charu ( Rishta tera mera song plays in the background ). They hugs each other.

Charu tells Durga that Sumona did not let her enter the house so she tricked workers. Durga tells her that she is glad the latter came. She informs her that tomorrow is her birthday. Charu tells her that tomorrow is her birthday too and they will enjoy together. She asks her that what happened yesterday night. Durga tells her everything. She says that she was reading the book and devil came out of the book. She shows the book to her. Charu asks her that how is that possible. Durga tells her that she really saw him.

Charu tells her that the latter should not have got scared seeing him and beat him. Durga tells her that she don’t get scared when the latter is with her. Charu breaks the glass piece by mistake. Sumona hears a noise from Durga’s room. She goes there and scolds Durga. Durga smiles seeing Charu making weird faces. Sumona twists Durga’s hand and leaves from there. Charu consoles Durga. She tells her to not tolerate everything and fight back.

After some time, Durga and Charu goes to Sumona’s room. Charu mixes glue in Sumona’s face cream. Sumona enters her room and applies face cream on her face. She wonders that why her face itching. She notices glue box. Durga and Charu runs from there. Sumona chases Charu and says that she won’t spare her. Charu throws marbles and Sumona falls down. Palash comes there and helps Sumona. He sees Charu taking rasagullas and chases her. Charu and Durga runs on the market. Sampurna sees them. She reminds Bondita seeing Charu.

Episode ends.

Episode begins with few boys troubles Durga. Charu saves Durga from them. She tells them that she will play with them and she beat them with ball. She orders them to apologize to Durga. Boys apologizes to Durga and runs from there. Durga gets happy seeing Charu. Charu also smiles seeing Durga ( Rishta tera mera song plays in the background ). She asks her that if the latter living in Kolkata. Durga nods at her. Charu asks her to not get scared of those boys and face them. Meanwhile, Chumki steals cookies from Durga’s car.

Charu introduces herself to Durga. Durga stammers when introduce herself. Chumki comes there and laughs at Durga. Charu scolds Chumki. Durga introduces herself to Charu. Chumki gives cookies to Charu which she stole from Durga’s car. Durga asks them that if they want anything else to eat. Chumki says that seems like Durga is rich and asks her to become her friend. Charu tells Chumki to stay away from Durga.

Durga learns that Charu and Chumki don’t have a place to live. She asks them to go with her to her house. Charu tells her that they will find an orphanage. Durga gives umbrella and the painting to Charu. Charu thanks her. Durga realises that she saved Charu and Chumki in Delhi and tells about it to Charu. Charu hugs Durga ( Rishta tera mera song plays in the background ). Driver tells Durga that they are getting late. Durga leaves from there.

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