Durga Aur Charu 20th January 2023 Written Update: Chumki ruins Chaturbhuj’s effort

Durga Aur Charu 20th January 2023 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Durga refuses to donate and she says that she want Bholi to donate because she brought gold coins. Sampurna smiles hearing her. Sumona tells Polash that he lost this chance. Binoy tells Durga that he is so proud of her. Bholi donates gold coins to poor. She thinks that she has to sell the original gold coins in the bazaar but she is stuck due to Durga.

Charu asks Durga that why the latter is laughing when Bholi donating duplicate gold coins to poor. Durga informs her that she exchanged the gold coins so now Bholi is donating original gold coins. Charu hugs her in happiness. Polash notices that and wonders that what’s going on in between them. Durga tells Charu that it’s time to win Bholi’s trust. She tells the plan to her. Charu likes the idea.

Later, Bholi meets jeweller to sell her gold coins. He gets shocked hearing her name and he checks the gold coins. She dreams to buy jewels and watch movie. He scolds her for trying to sell duplicate gold coins. He says that someone warned him about her. He recalls that how Charu warned him about Bholi. He calls her as theif and he tells his staff to call the police. She wonders that how it happened and she defends herself. Chaturbhuj stops him. He tells him that Bholi is innocent. He says that he is suffering from huge disease so Bholi did this to arrange money for his treatment. Jeweller tells them that he won’t call the police. He gets emotional and gives money to them for treatment.

Bholi tells Chaturbhuj that the latter is her true friend. She wonders that who exchanged the gold coins. She learns that Charu gave information to jeweller. She says that Durga would have told Charu everything and she understands everything. Chaturbhuj gets scared hearing her. He thinks that he has to do something before Bholi does something. He tells her that Durga is staying in the house always so jeweller must have misunderstood. She tells him that he don’t know about Charu. He tries to know about Baanke’s truth from her. She says that Chumki is not well so she need support. She asks him to not tell anyone about it. She is about to tell the truth to him.

But Chumki interrupts and she thanks Chaturbhuj for saving her life. Bholi asks her that when Chaturbhuj saved her life. Chumki informs her that Chaturbhuj was in the forest. Bholi asks Chaturbhuj that if he saved Chumki from kidnappers. Chaturbhuj shook his head and says that that’s not possible. He says that Chumki is talking nonsense. He tells Bholi that he was with her only all the time. He adds that Chumki would have seen him in dream. Bholi says that something is fishy. He asks her that if she trust him still. She thinks that she don’t trust him so she will act like him.

Episode ends.

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