Durga Aur Charu 21st December 2022 Written Update: Sampurna decides to learn the identity of Charu

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Episode begins with Durga and Charu runs in the bazaar. Charu offers rasagulla to Durga. Durga eats one piece and feeds another piece to Charu. Sampurna remembers Bondita seeing Charu. She takes Binoy to Durga. She asks Durga that what the latter is doing there. Durga introduces Charu to them. Binoy says that Durga talked so much today. Durga tells him that she is so happy today. She talks about the happy moments and she laughs with Charu. Binoy tells Sampurna that Durga is happy with Charu. Palash comes there and catches Durga. He realises that everyone are there. He lies that Sumona is waiting with rasagullas for Durga. Sampurna refuses to believe him. He tells her that his company changed Sumona. Charu tells Durga that she has to go now. Sampurna and Durga invites Charu for tomorrow’s puja. Charu promises to attend the puja and leaves from there.

After some time, Charu tells Manager everything. Manager asks her to play and leaves from there. Chumki gets angry at Charu for going to meet Durga alone. She says that she want to tell Manager that they are not orphans. Charu tells her that they will suffer again if the latter told the truth to Manager then. She asks her to tell the truth to Manager. Chumki says that she was just joking. Charu tells her to not threaten again. She refuses to take Chumki to palace because Sampurna did not invited Chumki.

Sumona tells Palash that her face looks like chudail face due to Charu and she won’t spare Charu. She says that Charu coming to the palace is not good for their plan. Palash asks her to wait and watch.

Next day, Charu tells Manager that she is going to palace. She learns that Manager is making kheer for dead ancestors. Manager tells her their dead ancestors comes in crow form to eat kheer. She tells him that she will do sraddha puja for her mother when she becomes an adult. He blesses her and she leaves from there.

In the palace, Durga waits for Charu. She tells Sampurna that she will celebrate her birthday with Charu. She goes to storeroom to bring chair. She runs from there seeing Palash in devil’s makeup. Charu holds the ladder before it falls on Durga. Durga recalls that what she saw in the storeroom. Charu threatens to leave if Durga don’t talk to her then. Durga hugs her and pleads her to not leave. Charu tells her that she won’t go. Meanwhile, Sumona tells Palash that she know he scares Durga.

Charu feels something seeing Anirudh and Bondita’s photos. She sits for puja. She asks Sampurna that what happened to Anirudh and Bondita. Sampurna tells her about the accident. Priest begins the puja. Durga’s hand trembles so Charu holds Durga’s hand to help her. They performs puja together. Charu feels like she is performing puja for her loved ones and she tells about it to Durga. Sumona says that they don’t know Charu’s caste and how can they let Charu perform puja. Charu says that people made caste and God don’t differentiate them. She asks her to treat her like a human being. Sumona goes inside. Sampurna recalls that how Bondita used to talk like Charu. She wonders that who is Charu and why she is remembering Bondita.

Later, Sampurna sees Durga playing with Charu. She takes evil eyes off of Durga. Durga tells her that today is Charu’s birthday too. Sampurna thinks that today is Devi’s birthday too. She wonders that if Charu is Devi. She takes evil eyes off of Charu. She asks Charu about her parents. Charu says that she is an orphan since beginning. Sampurna asks them to play and leaves from there. She goes to her room. She says that Charu is talking like Bondita and Charu’s birthday is same like Durga. She adds that there is a possibility that Charu is Devi. She thinks that she has to confirm first before telling everything to Durga.

Durga convinces Charu to stay with her. She says that she won’t get scared if Charu is with her. Charu asks her to become barrister like her parents and face her fear. Durga learns that Charu’s hand is paining like her hand ( Rishta tera mera song plays in the background ).

Episode ends.

Binoy tells Sampurna that Charu is the reason behind Durga’s change. Orphanage manager takes Charu and Chumki to orphanage and shows the room to them. Durga is reading the book. She sees agori man in her room and gets scared. She runs from her room and hides. Meanwhile, Charu saves Durga’s drawing from getting burnt. She hopes that Durga is fine. She gets Binoy’s phone number and calls on that number.

Durga notices that she urined in fear. Agori man finds Durga. Durga chants Devi’s name. She hears phone ringing sound. Charu thinks that Durga must be sleeping. Durga picks the call. Charu asks Durga that if the latter is fine. Durga cries and tells Charu about Agori man and drops the phone. She sees Sampurna and hugs her. Sampurna consoles her. Charu worries about Durga and decides to meet her. She gets Durga’s house address and leaves the orphanage.

Agori man removes his makeup and he turns out to be Sumona’s husband. He says that his weapon is Durga’s fear and Durga is alone. Binoy tells Sampurna that Durga must have got scared due to nightmare. Sumona tells them that they should scold Durga. Her husband says that Durga need love and care at this time.

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