Durga Aur Charu 22nd December 2022 Written Update: Charu plans to make Durga fight against her fear

Durga Aur Charu 22nd December 2022 Written Update:on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Durga tells Charu that she feel like they share a deep bond. Charu tells her that their rishta is dil ka rishta ( Rishta tera mera song plays in the background ). On the other hand, Bholi shows the new things to her husband which she brought it. He asks her that from where she got money to buy all these things. She tells him to not question her much. She says that she took Chumki from dustbin and she don’t know from where he got Charu. She adds that they acted like Charu and Chumki’s parents for tamasha so he need not to worry about them.

Rasika’s guy comes there and asks her that where is Charu and Chumki. He reveals that Bholi sold Charu and Chumki. He warns her to find Charu and Chumki and bring them to prostitution. He takes the things which Bholi bought with Rasika’s money and leaves from there. Bholi’s husband strangles his wife for selling Charu and Chumki. Bholi tells him that she did everything for them. He asks her to leave the house and he gets worried about his daughters.

Next day, Charu tells Sampurna that she will help her in chopping vegetables. Sampurna asks her that where the latter used to stay. Charu recalls the life she lived. She tells her that she need to help Durga so Durga don’t get scared of devil again. She says that she need Sampurna’s help too. She tells the plan to her. Sampurna tells her that she will talk to Binoy. She gives servant Vikas money to buy few things from bazaar.

After some time, Charu waits for someone. Durga tells her that they need to play. Vikas gives things to Sampurna and tells her that he spend all the money. Charu says that servant is lying because he must have remaining money. Palash says that Vikas is not theif. Vikas says that he prefers to leave the palace than tolerating this insult. Charu says that she can prove her claim against Vikas and she proves it. She tells Vikas to give the remaining money to Sampurna. Vikas says that he don’t have a money. Palash interrupts and attacks him. Vikas apologizes to Binoy. Binoy threatens to fire him if the latter repeated his mistake then.

Later, Sampurna takes Charu to Binoy. Charu tells Binoy that she wants Durga to face her fear and fight against it. She says that Durga has to help herself. Sampurna says that she believe Charu won’t let anything happen to her sister Durga. Charu says that she will take care of Durga. She gives few things to servant and asks him to do it for Durga.

Next day, Sampurna tells Durga that she is going to temple with Binoy. Palash asks Binoy to drop him saying that he has to leave for village.

Episode ends.

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