Durga Aur Charu 3rd January 2023 Written Update: Charu learns about Bholi’s kidnapping plan

Durga Aur Charu 3rd January 2023 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Bholi wakes Chumki up. She says that she found another way to take money from Binoy. Chumki asks her to low her voice or else her father will hear. Bholi reveals that she mixed sleep medicines in Kheer. She says that she know Chumki know the importance of money that’s why she did not gave that Kheer to her. Chumki asks her about her plan. She informs her that she is going to kidnap Durga and leaves the house with Chumki.

Charu gets shocked hearing that and struggles to stay awake. She says that she has to save Durga. She asks her father to wake up but no response from him. She washes her face to stay awake and she pours water on her father’s face. She tells him that they have to stop Bholi from kidnapping Durga. They leaves the house.

On the other hand, Chumki takes Bholi to palace through back door. They goes to Durga’s room. Chumki asks her that where they are going to keep Durga. Bholi tells her that there is a godown in the bazaar. She asks her to not get scared.

Charu and her father reaches the palace. Bholi is about to use chloroform on Durga but Charu stops the former. She is about to slap Charu but her husband holds her hand and pushes her. Charu warns Bholi to return but the latter refuses. So Charu breaks the flower vase and everyone leaves from there. Durga wakes up and notices the broken flower vase. Everyone wakes up.

Durga informs Sampurna about flower vase. Binoy orders servants to check all the rooms. Polash realises that theif would have entered through back door. He goes there but finds no one. Sumona asks him that if he is behind this. He tells her that he is bad man not mad man. He notices the button which fell from Charu’s father shirt.

Charu’s father scolds Bholi for teaching kidnap to Chumki. He says that Bholi can’t see anything except money. Bholi tells him that money is everything. He decides to tell the truth to Binoy. She stops him and takes him inside. She tells him that she is ready to marry him as per his wish. She makes him fill vermilion on her forehead and hugs him.

Next day, Durga puja preparations begins in the palace. Durga waits for Charu. Sampurna asks her to decorate Goddess Durga. Durga wishes to perform puja with her sister. Meanwhile, Charu tells her father that she can’t face Durga. She gets upset with him for not telling the truth to Binoy. She convinces him to apologize to Binoy.

Binoy tells Sampurna that he is going to give police complaint about yesterday night. Sumona and Sampurna tries to stop him. He says that it’s about Durga’s safety so he can’t take risk and leaves from there. Puja begins. Durga and Sampurna gets happy seeing Charu there.

Episode ends.

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