Durga Aur Charu 4th January 2023 Written Update: Baanke realises Charu and Durga are sisters

Durga Aur Charu 4th January 2023 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Durga gets happy seeing Charu. They runs towards each other and hugs ( Rishta tera mera song plays in the background ). Durga tells Charu that she waited a lot for her. Charu tells her that she was stuck with some work and compliments her. Polash welcomes Charu’s father Baanke on Sampurna’s behest. He notices Baanke’s shirt button and leaves from there. Sampurna tells Baanke that Durga and Charu can’t see anything else when they are together.

Baanke notices Anirudh and Bondita’s photo and recalls the accident which happened 5 years back. He realises that Charu is Durga’s sister and he sees Charu and Durga performing puja together. Sumona searches Polash. Durga tells Charu that she prayed God to fulfill her wish which is performing puja with Devi. Charu tells her that God will listen her prayer.

Baanke apologizes to God for separating Charu from her family. He decides to reunite the sisters without caring the problems he has to face. He tells Durga that she will stay with her sister due to God’s blessings. He makes Durga and Charu hold each other’s hands. He tells them to think about the person whom they love the most and asks them to open their eyes. Girls opens their eyes and gets surprised seeing each other’s name on their hands. He tells them that their relationship is more than friendship. He tells Sampurna that he want to talk to Binoy. Sampurna tells him that Binoy went out for some work. He decides to tell the truth to her.

Polash brings police there. He asks police to arrest Baanke. Sampurna asks him that what is all this. He tells her that Baanke came yesterday night to kidnap Durga. He shows the button and handkerchief as proofs against Baanke. Sumona says that she is sure Charu is Baanke’s accomplice. Baanke tells her that Charu is not theif. Police arrests Baanke. Charu asks them to release Baanke. Police takes Baanke from there. Sampurna and Durga consoles Charu.

Bholi gets shocked seeing police taking Baanke. Baanke notices Bholi and tells her that Charu is Durga’s sister. He asks her to tell the truth to Durga’s family and show the things which he kept safely in the box. He says that seeing those things Durga’s family will understand that Charu is Devi. Police takes Baanke from there.

Charu tells Binoy that Baanke is not theif. Sumona asks her to stop acting. Sampurna asks Charu that why Baanke came. Durga says that they came to meet her. Sumona asks her that why the latter was silent till now. Durga tells her that she got scared seeing police. She requests Binoy to save Baanke. Sumona says that Charu taught Durga to lie. Binoy says that Polash did the right thing and he can’t ignore what Durga said. He assures Charu that Baanke will be released. He wonders that why Baanke did not said anything. Sampurna tells him that Baanke wanted to talk to him.

Bholi tells herself that everything is destiny’s game. She finds doll, dress and locket in Baanke’s box. She realises that Charu and Durga are really sisters. Charu tells Durga that she is indebted to her. Durga tells her that she trust Baanke. Charu hopes that Baanke gets released soon. Durga tells her that they will stay together always. Chumki asks Bholi to open the door. Bholi gets an idea and hugs Chumki. Durga makes Charu wear Bondita’s chain.

Episode ends.

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