Durga Aur Charu 5th January 2023 Written Update: Bholi lies to Choudhary about Chumki’s identity

Durga Aur Charu 5th January 2023 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Durga makes Charu wear Bondita’s chain. Charu pleads God to not punish Baanke because he did nothing wrong. She gets ready to sacrifice her happiness for her father. Durga asks God to fulfill Charu’s prayer. Goddess Durga’s chunni falls on Charu and Durga. Sampurna smiles seeing that. She tells girls that it’s God blessing. She blesses them to stay together and stay happy always. Sumona tells Polash that Charu and Durga behaving like they are sisters. Polash tells her that he will take care of Charu soon.

Binoy informs them that he talked to police and Baanke will reach orphanage soon. Charu thanks him. Sampurna asks girls that who will perform dhunuchi naach. Binoy says that Durga is afraid of fire so Charu will perform. Durga says that she don’t get afraid when Charu is with her so she will perform today. They performs dhunuchi naach. Sampurna remembers Bondita’s dhunuchi naach. She asks God to not separate Durga and Charu.

On the other hand, Bholi calls Rasika’s guy and asks him to come and bring his thing. She takes Chumki with her. Charu takes prasad from Sampurna. She tells Durga that she will return after meeting Baanke and runs from there. Bholi enters the palace with Chumki. She asks about Charu from Sampurna. Sampurna tells her that Charu left for orphanage. Bholi tells them that she know where is Devi.

Baanke reaches the orphanage. He notices that Charu’s childhood things are missing. He misunderstands that Bholi went to the palace to tell the truth. He says that he is happy Charu will get her real family. Charu comes there and hugs him. She gives prasad to him and says that God listened her prayer. He learns that Bholi left the orphanage with Chumki. He tells her that Bholi betrayed him again. He says that he won’t spare Bholi.

Bholi shows Devi’s dress, doll and chain to Durga’s family. Durga identifies the doll and says that it belongs to Devi. Sampurna brings Durga’s doll and says that it’s same. She sees Durga is wearing the same chain. She says that Devi was wearing all this on accident day. She asks Bholi that where the latter got all this. Bholi tells them that Baanke was responsible for the accident and she got all these things from him. She says that Baanke took Devi from the accident spot to admit her in the hospital.

Sampurna asks her that where is Devi. Bholi tells her that they met Devi daily. Durga and Sampurna takes Charu’s name. Bholi lies to them that Chumki is Devi. Durga asks that how is this possible. She says that Chumki is not Devi. Chumki hugs Sampurna. Polash tells Sumona that Bholi made Chumki owner from servant. Durga separates Chumki from Sampurna and claims that Charu is Devi.

Baanke apologizes to Charu. He is about to tell the truth to her but stops hearing a door opening noise.

Episode ends.

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