Eeramana Rojave 2: Parvathy feels guilty

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Eeramana Rojave 2 is famous Vijay’s show. Kavya and Jeeva’s love story takes a hit when destiny forces them to marry each other’s elder siblings. Now series focuses on Parvathy to feel guilty

In the previous episode we saw; Parthiban wan not allowing Kavya to explain herself to him. He added that she shouldn’t have left his parents wedding anniversary for others. He complained that she did everything to get divorce from him. He threw the divorce papers on her face and left. Kavya cried alone.

Later, Jeeva worried about Kavya. His brother-in-law will disappoint with Kavya’s attitude. But Jeeva supported Kavya there. Later, Parvathy suggested Kavya to leave from the house reasoning Parthiban angry on her. Kavya demanded her to confess the truth to everyone that Parvathy framed her. Then only she left from here. Parvathy fear the worst

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Priya will confront Kavya to reveal the reason. She will demand Kavya to confess whether she loved someone before her marriage or not? Kavya will remains silent there. She will ask Kavya to give the nuptial chain.

Parvathy will lie to her that she already gave it to her. Kavya will ask Parvathy why she is treating her like a criminal. It’s not wrong to love someone before marriage. Parvathy will feel guilty. Meanwhile, Parthiban will drink thinking about Kavya’s betrayal. Jeeva will console him.

What will happen next? Will Kavya leave the house? When will Parthiban learn the truth?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates