Eeramana Rojave 2: Will JK prove his innocence?

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Eeramana Rojave 2 is famous Vijay’s show. Kavya and Jeeva’s love story takes a hit when destiny forces them to marry each other’s elder siblings. Now series focuses on JK will be in Trouble

In the previous episode we saw; Aishu’s father searched for Aishu in room. She wasn’t there. He informed to Manju about it. He saw JK scolding her. JK revealed to Aishu’s father that she demanded him to marry her. Aishu lied to him that he misbehaved with her. He alerted the family members.

Aishu lied to family members that JK misbehaved with her in an intoxicated state. Parthiban and Jeeva beaten JK in anger. Devi stopped them and support JK there. Aishu created a drama there to make everyone believe she isn’t lying. Kavya suggested them to file a complaint in police station.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; JK will ask Devi to believe him. Aishu will make a scene there. Devi will support Aishi going against JK. Arunachalam will demand JK to take responsibility for this incident. JK will complaint to them that Aishu proposed him but he rejected her love.

That’s why she framed him like this. Jeeva will show his anger on him. Arunachalam will demand JK to marry Aishu. Later, JK will try to explain his situation to Devi.

She will give three days time to him to prove his innocence. Jeeva will demand JK to give his passport to him. JK will challenge him to don’t leave him if he proves his innocence

What will happen next?

Will Kavya leave the house? When will Parthiban learn the truth?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates