Eeramana Rojave: Jeeva to help Durai

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Vijay tv fame” Eeramana Rojave” launched it’s season2 with different plot. This show is now concentrating on Kavya will disappoint Parthi.

In Today’s episode we see; Parvathy asks Kavya to take care of Parthi reasoning he was sick. He searched for her in rain so he got fever. Kavya goes to help him but stop seeing Ramya taking care of him. Ramya is helping Parthi there so Kavya leaves from there. Next day Parthi sleeping peacefully Parvathy gets disappointed to see Ramya near him. She goes to check Kavya and find her sleeping in her room. Next day Devi confronts Arunachalam and inform everything to him. She complaints to him that he took wrong decision by taking Kavya as her daughter in law. She says that Ramya is good pair of him. Later Arunachalam and Parvathy have an discussion with Kavya about the yesterday matter. She is keeping silent there. She gives her honest answer to them but which hurt Arunachalam and Parvathy.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Kavya will remind how did Ramya took care of sick Paarthi. Kavya will think that Ramya suitable to him then her. Kavya will meet Paarthi and give divorce paper to him. She will say to him that he is a good person she don’t deserve him at all. She will ask him to divorce her and add family members will also agree with it. She will plead him to divorce her and leave.

What will happen next? Will Paarthi divorce Kavya? Will Priya stop Paarthi?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates.