Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna :- Jhanvi to take over Mittal’s house

Star plus evening show Ek Bhram Sarvagunn Sampanna is all set for a revamp. The revamp will take the story forward after having a huge showdown in the current story and characters. The audiences are in love with the concept of the show, hence makers are trying their best to make it more interesting. Jhanvi and Ishani the two sisters who are Pooja and Rani in real decided to now take an upfront in the story and comes in open. The loyal audience of the show will see some nail-biting moments in the upcoming episodes before dropping the curtain on the first season of it.

As we all knew that Pooja aka Jhanvi tried to kill PK just like he did with her father. Now she came back in the Mittal mansion to claim her rights. Unknown to her, Kabir went in that place and rescued PK on time. Now in the upcoming episodes of the show, Jhanvi aka Pooja will play her masterstroke. In the upcoming episode, Pooja will name the house after his father Dr.Ashok Sharma’s name. She will tell her dada that whatever oath she has taken, today she fulfilled all that. She snatched PK’s business, property, wealth, everything.

On the other hand, Amma will inform her that PK is still alive and Kabir is aware of the entire truth. This will shock and annoys Pooja to the core. Later PK and his whole family will come to Mittal mansion for after his dad got discharged from the hospital when they see their luggage is packed already and kept outside. Jhanvi’s husband Dhruv will find it hard to believe that not only is she Jhanvi and not Pooja but their marriage is also a fake set up by Jhanvi aka Pooja to complete the revenge. Kabir tries to calm her down but she didn’t listen to him and asks them to leave her house.

Let us see what will be Kabir and Pooja next step? Will PK digest the fact that Jhanvi defeated him?