Ek Bhram sarvagun sampann 12th September 2019 written update: Kabir and Pooja pretends to to be at loggerheads in front of family

The episode starts with Kabir is telling Pooja that he has full faith in her that she can’t steal the money. he said that even if you yourself will tell me that you still the money then also I will not believe you because I have this much trust on you. he says this is the time when we have to find out who is doing this in reality? Kabir tells Puja that even if we are in the same team will have to pretend in front of the family that I am also angry with you and thinking on the same level as them. He instructs Puja that no one should get to know about me and you been together. maybe I will shout at you blame you and even do some miss behave with you also in front of all but please don’t get offended and count always as a part of our plan. Pooja agrees to him when Kabir says please don’t cry.

Later, Anuradha is crying and telling Suman that she will try to return her money as soon as possible. Suman says why will you return the money? she says that Kabir promised me that he will take back all the money from Puja soon. Kabir comes there when Suman asks him if he gets to know anything about the money? Kabir says that he is trying his best to get information about theft money. Puja comes there and Kabir shouts at her making everybody understand that he also hates her now. Rani gets happy to see her plan is working in the right directions. Puja says that I have repeated so many times that I didn’t do anything but if you people still don’t want to believe me then please don’t do I can’t help.

Rani comes to Puja and says that no matter what others are saying I know what this orphanage means to you. hence I am sure that you can’t still the money allotted for the orphanage and you are surely framed in it. Pooja gets happy with Rani’s trust in her and her thanks sir for believing in her when everybody else is blaming. She is about to tell Rani that Kabir is still with her and helping her but stops as told her not to tell anyone in the family about their deal. Rani comes to her room and it was revealed that all the money was kept in her cupboard. She calls the man who came as a member of the NGO and ask him to go and height somewhere for some days and not to appear in front of her sister or Kabir. Puja works in Rani room and asks her help to make their mother understand and Rani assures her that she will help her. Puja is almost there to get the money but Anuradha comes and saves Rani.

In the night, Pooja is doing work in the kitchen by Kabir is discussing with her about the exposure of the real culprit for Puja accidentally cuts her finger. kabhi drank to her to take her own when Pooja notices that Rani is standing outside of the kitchen and watching them. Puja immediately pretends to be angry with Kabir and ask him to back off. Kabir also shouts at her and left from the kitchen while running gets happy to see that the distance between Kabir and Pooja is increasing. Kabir called Puja letter and ask about her injury, Pooja says it is just a small cut it will be here within time.

Suddenly Kabir realizes that Pooja is standing behind him and on the other hand, Pooja also feels Kabir is standing in front of her. Dance on a number together and romantically when Puja comes back from her dreamland.

In the morning, shows some photographs of girls to Rani and ask her to choose one suitable for Kabir. Rani gets annoyed while Kabir asks Suman Bai she is doing all this as he doesn’t need to get married now. Suman says I want you to be happy and settled while Puja listens to the whole conversation and feels bad. she comes to the kitchen and tries to divert her mind but the fact of Kapil marriage is not going out of her head. Kabir comes there and tries to convert her, while both say a lie to each other about being worried. Kabir so let us focus on the plan to get back the money as soon as possible.

Precap – Puja confess her love for Kabir and turned around to see Kabir is standing behind her.