Ek Bhram sarvagun sampann 13th September 2019 written update: Kabir and Pooja confess their love for each other

The episode begins with Suman is slamming Pooja for burning the photos of the girls she was choosing among for Kabir. She says until the day she is alive, she will never let Pooja ruin Kabir’s happiness or let her around him. Pooja is crying while Rani is happy to see her plan is working against Pooja. Kabir can’t take it anymore and he takes Pooja from their behaving as if he is angry with her. She brings Pooja down and informs sir that the person who stole money is the same one who burned the photos. Pooja asks him how to find out who did this? Kabir says don’t you understand that it is none other than your sister Rani? He said I got it the moment you told me that she comes to tell you that she is trusting you. I have seen headset for you in her eyes she is obsessed with me otherwise who will get so much bothered with my marriage talks? Pooja looks at in affectionately as she is so much affected by the fact that Kabir can get married to someone else and even somehow Kabir also understands that and he keeps mum. Pooja change the topic and ask how to get the money back from her then? Kabir says even though I have a plan for that as well.

Kabir makes an excuse in the house and says all to search everybody room and start from the room of Rani. Rani gets scared in tries to stop them but Kabir convinces her that he is doing all this for everyone’s safety and even her safety as well so she shouldn’t overreact. Kabir forcefully checks her cupboard and finds Ranjeet inside it. Pooja is watching all these from the outside of the room and she also gets shocked to find the Ranjit inside. Rani says he is just pestering me and running behind me from the day he proposed to me. That is why I locked him in the cupboard in panic and stopping you people from checking it.

Ranjit talks about money before getting faint and Kabir notices it. Kabir and Pooja made a plan to confront Ranjit and finds out from him about the money. Ranjit says that he has no idea about where the money is but he heard Rani is talking about money and cupboard. try to find out whether the money is kept but before that Rani plays her card and places the money below the mattress of Pooja to frame her in case of theft. Pooja please to everyone for her Innocence but no one believes her. Kabir confronts Rani and says that he is aware of her involvement in this whole mess and the day he finds out evidence, he will drag her to jail.

Pooja is talking to her father and confesses about her feelings for Kabir. She says that she has reasons to love Kabir but he has no such reasons to love her back. She lost him even before she can have him but she will never be able to love anybody else than him in life. Kabir listens to her words and says that he has seen a different Pooja for whom anyone can fall. He says I was hesitating to confess my feelings and that is why I didn’t talk to you. Pooja and Kabir mutually confessed that they are in love with each other and both are facing the same situations. Pooja gets overwhelmed and hugs Kabir.

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