Ek Bhram sarvagun sampann 17th September 2019 written update: Pooja saves Mittal family in front of Guruji

Episode begins with Pooja is coming to the hall and noticing everybody is working to welcome Guruji in the house. She comes to Chanda and ask if she can contribute in any way for the depression to welcome Guruji. Women gets angry on seeing her and she asked her to back off. Dadaji takes the side of Pooja and request Suman to let her do the work as all this is a holy task and no one should stop the other from doing it. Suman reluctantly agrees for it and let Pooja take part in the processing. All the house members welcome Guruji in their house. Suman introduces him to the people of the house. Puja also takes his blessing and Suman introduces her as wife of Kabir. Later on, Pooja comes to kitchen when she spots Suman is making the food alone for Guruji and offers her help so that Suman can take some rest. Suman gets angry to see Puja there and says you don’t need to pretend anything as your and Kabir divorce is scheduled after some days. So you just back off and go from here. After making the food she went to meet Guruji and ask if he would like to have lunch now?

Guruji says that he will have it after sometime and Suman settles with all the family members and listens to his stories about exploring the divine and holy places around the country. After sometimes Kabir tells Suman that it is time for lunch and Suman asks Guruji that if we can proceed with serving the food now? Guruji gets in rest and says that as you wish I am ready. Suman Chanda and Anuradha comes to kitchen to take the foods when Chanda noticed that there is fish in the prepared food. Chanda informed the same to Suman and she gets angry on Pooja assuming that she is the one behind all this.

Rani is listening to all the characters from the outside of the kitchen and is happy to see her plan is working in a perfect way. Suman goes to inform that she may not be able to offer food as it is spoiled but before that if voice comes out from the area of temple and someone is singing bhajan. Guruji gets impressed and he is so eager to know who is this person with such a beautiful voice? All of them come at the temple area and finds out that it is Puja who is singing bhajan. Guruji ask her to continue and not stop and says that now I will have my lunch after listening to this version has her voice is so ear soothing and beautiful. Suman, Anuradha and Chanda get happy that they will get time for making another set of food for Guruji. Pooja is singing the bhajan while they are busy in making food. Finally after the bhajan, Pooja is praised by the Guruji so much and he says that your voice brings out tears of happiness in my eyes.

Guruji takes a leave after a while and Kabir tells Suman that because of Pooja only you are able to do the hospitality of Guruji in a proper way. Suman blames Pooja for spoiling the food when Kabir says that there is a CCTV in the kitchen and it will be easily proved who did this? Rani gets scared but unfortunately Kabir is not able to find any evidence against Rani from the footage as it is already damaged. The housemates again blame Pooja for spoiling the evidence against her and leaves from there. Kabhi says to Puja that he is sure about Rani’s involvement in the whole fiasco. Pooja confess to Kabir that it is her who spoiled the system footage to save Rani as Anuradha will not be able to take the shock.
In the morning, Kabir comes to kitchen when Pooja is making food and he gets romantic with her while she asks him to leave her but he is not ready to do so. They finally got some time for each other and gets romantic.

Precap – Rani manipulates Jai regarding property matters and he is going to take signature of Kabir but Pooja holds his hand.