Ek Bhram sarvagun sampann 18th September 2019 written update: Rani manipulated Jai against Kabir

The episode starts with Kabir and Pooja are having some beautiful moments with each other in the kitchen. Pooja says to Kabir now sit there quietly as I have to do some work. She is cutting the vegetables when she accidentally cuts her finger. Kabir is tending to it when Chanda notices them inside the kitchen and thinks that they are being intimate with each other. On the same moment, she went to Suman directly and informs her about the same. Suman gets angry and goes to the kitchen to check whether Chanda is telling the truth or not? chicken stew kitchen to find out that Kabir is shouting at Pooja for making a scene just for the sake of small finger cut. He shouts at her and says that it’s just a small cut and she has to make food for the entire house as per his command. Pooja is standing there silently and Suman gives an angry look to Chanda and leaves from there. After the left Pooja looks at Kabir as she noticed Chanda outside the kitchen before and their full of this drama just to make them feel that they are not in good terms with each other.

Chanda tells the same incidents to Jai and Rani and says that she saw everything with her own eyes but no one is ready to believe her. Rani took the opportunity of this situation, Shri nameplate Chanda and Jai against Kabir and Pooja. She says that even she noticed Kabir and Pooja are discussing property and Kabir is telling her that he will transfer the entire property after her name. She makes her believe that Pooja is actually pulling a drama just to trap Kabir and name the property after her so that she can throw all the people of this house out again like the earlier time. Chanda gets worried for her kids’ future and says that even though we have some share in the property. Rani gets happy to see her plan is working perfectly and hence she manipulates them to rename the property after their name in a different way rather than having a talk directly with Kabir.

In the morning, Jai comes to Kabir and says that after his restriction from college and being blacklisted for doing cheating he is not getting admission in any other colleges hence he is sitting at home idle. He asked Kabir to take him into the office work at least in the factory as a worker so that he will get invested in some work. Kabir says he wants him to complete his studies first and then join the office directly my but then he eventually agrees on the request of Jai. Kabir comes to Pooja and shares with her how he is not feeling good about joining the factory and not the main office. Meanwhile, Anuradha comes in the kitchen and catches Kabir and Pooja are talking to each other by holding each other’s hands. Anuradha goes to Suman and shares with her how she is in a dilemma regarding the intentions of Pooja as sometimes she feels Pooja is faking the whole thing but sometimes she feels that she has changed for good. Suman says that she is not going to change her way of thinking about Pooja and she can’t force anybody else to think what she desires.
In the evening, Jai comes to Kabir after spending his first day of work at the factory and tell him that there are some papers for him to sign. he included the property papers inside the factory papers so that Kabir science all the papers in a go and their job can be done. Kabir is about to sign the papers but Pooja comes and holds his hand. Jai gets scared and Pooja gives him a look.

Precap – Some goons attacked Jai and Kabir had a fight with them. A goon is about to stab Jai but Pooja comes in between.