Ek Bhram sarvagun sampann 20th September 2019 written update: Rani’s devious ploy against Pooja

The episode begins with Pooja is leaving the house when Anuradha asks Rani to pack her bags as well as they will also leave with Pooja. Rani is annoyed with her statement and behaves irrationally with her Anuradha shouts at Rani and says I can see everything happening in front of me in a clear way. Not Pooja but you are the one who hates her. Rani behaves rudely with her mother and Anuradha slaps Rani hard and says you can stay here but I am going with my daughter. Here Chanda is asking Pooja not to go anywhere leaving them alone, Pooja says it is important for me to leave the house as I can’t let the family break like this. Anuradha asks Pooja will not she take her alone with her? Pooja gets overwhelmed and gets emotional while Anuradha says she has done a big mistake by not noticing the good sides of her daughter. Pooja says I will surely take you along with me but after a while and not now because now I have to find a rental house and a job too for living. Till then, you please stay here and Anuradha admits that she will not stop her as this is the start of your new life.

Pooja leaves while Suman sees Kabir in devastating mode and Rani comes to Kabir to pacify him. She says that she understands his pain and she will be there to handle him. Kabir says to Rani that he is aware of the fact that it is she who is behind all this. He says love is not a game of chess that you will change the game, it is the game of love and here faces don’t get changes in a blink of an eye. Kabir strangles Rani and says he only loves Pooja. Rani says in anger that nothing can stop me now as I will do what I want. She calls Pooja and informs her about Anuradha going out of the house without informing anybody, she says she was going to the direction of a godown. Pooja who is looking for a rental house rushes immediately to find out about her mother.

Kabir is looking for Pooja and then he gets to know that she went to look for her mom on a call of her sister. Kabir thinks that Rani is surely up to something while on the other hand, Rani traps Pooja in the godown and plans to burn her alive.

Pooja says you really think Kabir will start to love you if I died. Rani is about the put the fire when Kabir reaches the spot. Rani and Pooja both got trapped in the fire together and Kabir tries to save them, Pooja
asks Kabir to save Rani first and she is fine. Rani sees the love her sister has for her and she feels guilty for doing wrong to the Kabir rescued both of them while Rani asks for an apology from Pooja and says her love for Kabir has become an obsession.

All of them are back in Prem Nivas and Rani discloses the entire truth in front of everybody and Suman feels guilty for misunderstanding Pooja. She asks Chanda to bring the pot full of rice to welcome her daughter-in-law at home traditionally. Pooja and Kabir get happy and Suman hugs Pooja wholeheartedly. In the morning, Pooja is trying to help out Suman and Anuradha and ask for Kabir. Kabir is outside when Pooja comes there to talk to him. Kabir says he is missing the sassy attitude of Pooja and he should think about remarrying. Pooja made him fall on the ground and asks I am too hot to handle Kabir? Kabir smiles and they shared a hug with each other and smiles in each other embrace.

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