Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 10th September 2019 written update:- Pooja and Kabir longing for each other

The episode begins with Kabir is sleeping in his room when Pooja secretly enters to have a check on him. She is about to go from there when she feels a pull from back and she thinks it to be Kabir. She asks him to leave her and then she turns and sees Kabir is still sleeping but his hand is on the edge of Saree. She softly lifts his hand and takes out the edge of her saree and secretly goes out of the room so that he doesn’t get disturbed.

Right after her Rani also enters the room and sees Kabir is in bed sleeping, she goes to him and caresses his face. Kabir sees her once in sleep and then gets up with a jerk to realize who it can be. Rani gives the excuse of calling him for breakfast while Kabir says do ask any servant from next time, there is no need for you to come here. Rani safe for how long you are going to avoid me? Tonight we will spend together in this room only and she does something with the door lock so that Kabir won’t be able to open it from the inside.

Suman is making breakfast in the kitchen and gossiping which Chanda that Puja is trapping Kabir with her victim card drama. He is feeling sorry for Pooja now but the divorce of him and Puja is bound to happen so what is wrong if it happens now? Puja listens to their conversation from outside of the kitchen with teary eyes. Chanda says to Suman if by chance and stops when Suman shouts at her saying don’t you dare think that both of them fall for each other.

Kabir is having breakfast alone at the table when Suman comes to serve him. Kabir says he doesn’t need any more food as he is done with his meal. Suman asks him why he is so upset from yesterday? He says nothing is bothering me when Pooja comes and asks him to settle the official work with Ranjit while she has some refreshment plans for the day. She says she has plans for Spa, lunch and then the movie and then in the night she will do the work.

Both Pooja and Kabir are missing each other but also think that the other one is not in love with them. Kabir says why he starts to love Pooja so much? While Pooja thinks Kabir can never love her as she doesn’t deserve this. Kabir comes in the office room of Mittal house and asks Ranjit to show him files of the works. He is checking them but the thought of Pooja roaming as nothing happened is bothering him so much.

At night, Suman comes in the room with dinner for Kabir and ask him to have it. Kabir asks her to keep it aside and I will have it later. Suman asks what she did to him that he is behaving like this? Kabir eventually agrees and have dinner and also asks Ranjit to have his dinner and take a break before coming back for work.

Rani secretly enters in the guest room and locks the door thinking the person is lying to be Kabir. She talks romantically with him when it was revealed to be Ranjit who is now aware of Rani eyeing Kabir and feels dejected. Pooja is doing work in the office when she finds out Kabir is sleeping. She is about to put the pen in the holder when it makes sound and Kabir wakes up. He asks her when did she come in? Pooja says sometimes ago but as he is sleeping she thinks not to disturb him. She tries to go out of the room but the door is locked from inside and she and Kabir both get trapped in the room.

Precap – Pooja gets blamed for theft of money in the name of Orphanage.