Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 5th September 2019 written update:- Kabir and Pooja realises their love for each other

The episode starts with Kabir is in a dilemma and his consigns is telling him that he has started to love Pooja. He is shocked to realize this but denies to believe it, he says that you are telling me lies. His consigns makes him realize that he is trying to tell lie to himself only. He is in love with Pooja and that is the ultimate truth which he needs to accept.

Puja on the other side is roaming in the outside area of the house. She is thinking by Kabir is behaving so weird lately? Kabhi taking her side in every instance is making her worried so much. Suddenly she hears a voice coming from behind asking her what is troubling her so much? She is shocked to see that the person is none other than her reflection. She gets confused when her reflection says what is troubling you more?

Kabir is in your side or the developed feelings you have for him? She is taken aback by such question when reflection told her there is a truth which you are not ready to accept. Pooja ask what kind of truth you are talking about? She says the truth is you have started falling for Kabir since the day you have same him in the hospital, taking care of your mother.

Pooja and Kabir both get exhausted with such a realization. Inside the house, both of them are coming towards each other from the opposite direction. They both get collided with each other on the staircase and Puja is about to fall but Kabir saves her. Both get lost in each other’s eyes for a while when Suman comes there and started to shout at Pooja asking her how come Kabir gets an injury? Pooja is startled with her approach when Kabir asks her to stop and says why are you reacting so much? It’s just a small bruise and it will be okay soon he lives from where while Pooja is touched with his gesture of supporting her.

Later on, she comes in her room and sees Kabir is trying to put medicine in the wound. She goes and sits beside him and ask for permission to do the first aid. Kabir says yes and she applied the antiseptic on his wound and gently does the process.

Kabir keeps on staring at her while she is tending his wounds. Suman comes there with turmeric paste but she fumes in anger to see Pooja and Kabir are getting close slowly. In the night time, Suman gets a nightmare that Pooja is trying to kill her and she manages to brainwash Kabir against his own family. She wakes up with a jerk when suddenly Anuradha enters her room and ask why she is so scared in the middle of the night. Suman shares her anxiety and panic with her and says that she always feels Pooja is trying to home the family. At night, Anuradha is in her room and ask Rani that will Pooja going to do anything bad again? Rani says hundred percent she will do as the birdman in her forcefully to she will not go anywhere without taking revenge from him.

On the other side, Pooja is taking a toll on her bed when Kabir falls from the sofa taking a turn during sleep. Pooja gets up from her bed, she runs to ask Kabir if he is fine. She told him that he can sleep on the bed as she only needs a corner and the entire bed is left empty. Kabir goes and sleep on the bed but both of them feels uneasy and is trying to make the distance from each other.

In this process, both falls from the bed together and finds the idea of sleeping on the same bed is not good for them. Pooja says that we can alternatively sleep on bed and sofa one after another day. Kabir says that Idea is fine with him. Pooja goes on the sofa and slips while coverslips and bad but both are trying to see each other and at the same time wants to hide from each other.

In the morning, Pooja is performing the death anniversary veneration of her father. Rani comes there and asks her what she is doing? Pooja asks if she has forgotten the day but Rani says she can clearly remember but she is not going to give her company in her this act. Puja signs her that she is fine with it when Kabir comes and sits beside her for the Puja. She is about to start the process when Anuradha comes and stops her. she says by performing my husband’s right you are going to trouble his soul as he will never be happy to see you as his daughter. Pooja tries to keep her side that forgiving PK Mittal was not possible for her as she has seen with her own eyes how he killed her father? She says marrying Dhruv falsely was my plan to enter the house but this time I have no such plan and she has no negative thoughts about Kabir, in fact, she is in..and stops there. Kabir gets surprised to listen to her words.

Precap : Anuradha asks Pooja to leave Kabir forever and give him divorce when the housemates find both of them in an intimate situation.