Ek Bhram- Sarvagun Sampanna: Dhruv kidnaps Pooja!

Next in Star Plus show Ek Bhram- Sarvagun Sampanna will see Dhruv is behind Pooja’s kidnapping.

Upcoming episode of Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna will witness high voltage drama with Dhruv threatening Pooja and Kabir suspects Dhruv.

Last we reported that Pooja will be kidnapped and rani will accuse Kabir.  Kabir decides to hunt Pooja. He takes Pooja’s driver to the police station and asks him to tell about the person who was following his car. Driver explains about the person so that they can make their sketch. Kabir gets shocked seeing Dhruv’s sketch.

Now in the upcoming episode will see, Kabir will go to confront Dhruv about Pooja. Otherise, Pooja will recognize the kidnapper as Dhruv Mittal.

Kabir will suspect Dhruv to be involved in Pooja’s kidnapping and will ask him whether he has kidnapped Pooja or not, but Dhruv will refuse but Kabir will still suspect him and will stalk him. Meanwhile, Here Pooja will struggle to escape from captivity.

Ahead, will see Dhruv will be about to hit Pooja but Kabir will save her at the nick of the time.

What next happens in the show will be interesting to watch.

Do Pooja will have a change of heart towards Kabir? Do Pooja will fall for Kabir? What Kabir will do next after learning Dhruv’s act? Do Dhruv will apologize for his act or he will come up with some other plan to avenge Pooja? Do Pooja will ignore Dhruv’s act or she will give it back to Dhruv?

Well, for all the answers Keep watching the show Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna mon-fri on Star Plus at 7pm.

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