Ek Bhram – Sarvagun Sampanna :- Jhanvi to plot against Kabir and Kavya

Star Plus evening show Ek Bhram Sarvagunn Sampanna is all set to welcome it’s revamped season in the upcoming days but before that the episodes of the show are going to extremely adventurous and exciting. Jhanvi is back to form it seems and she is turning the table in every instance and how. No wonder one of the main attraction of the show is undoubtedly the mind game that Jhanvi plays with the entire family. Now she uplifts the level of her game and its affecting the lives of the entire family.

In the past episodes we had seen how Jhanvi framed Kavya while getting caught in front of PK in the CCTV footage. In spite of being unaware about the cameras she manages to escape from the blunder due to her presence of mind. However, Kabir is indirectly ruining her efforts to throw Kavya out of the house.

In the upcoming episodes of the show the loyal audience will get to see some high voltage drama in the episode. Kabir and Kavya will join hands to find out who is that person present in the video clip. Kavya decided to clear her name before going out of the Mittal house.

On another side, Jhanvi once again has a narrow escape from PK. Well she once again entered the study room of PK to fulfill her agenda but get caught by PK. In such a situation to save herself framed Kabir and Kvya in front of PK in a negative way. Well PK seems to be highly influenced by her words and her plans are working in a perfect pace.

Now let us see will Kabir and Kavya be able to guess the real culprit here? For more such updates keep watching this space.