Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna: Pooja to be victim of Rani’s trap!

The game has changed in Star Plus’s spicy thriller drama Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna and now Pooja is prey to others’ conspiracies instead of being the real player she used to be a while ago. Kabir has blackmailed her into getting married to him in order to punish her for whatever she did to his family and since then she has become a puppet to his whims and fancies.
In order to save her mother, she is compelled to do everything she has been told by Kabir. Where neither Kabir nor Pooja is totally the villain in this story, it seems like it is a long way until they find their way to each other’s heart as further misunderstandings will brew between them due to Rani’s cunning plan. Even though Pooja has loved her dear sister with all her heart, Rani is not the one to reciprocate. Instead, she is on the mission to stab Pooja so she could be the center of attention.
In the upcoming episode, Rani’s plotting will take a major turn as she will successfully manage to blame Pooja for something which has no involvement of Pooja whatsoever. Pooja will be asked to clean the house wherein the meantime, a concerned Suman will suffer a heart attack leading her to get unconscious. Pooja will see her as she enters her room. Rani will see her chance to plot against Pooja and lock them in a room so as to create a scene. Rani will further inform Kabir that Pooja did something to Suman. Will Kabir get enraged without trying to understand the situation? What will happen next?
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